countyfireIn an effort to provide greater fire protection for residents of the Crest Forest Fire Protection District and surrounding communities, the County Fire Department is offering a free wood chipping program. Residents that have property located directly adjacent to the national forest in this area are eligible for the program.
One of the most effective defensive tools against the threat of wildfire is to have “defensible space” around a home. Defensible space is an area surrounding a structure that has been cleared of excess vegetation, debris and/or any other flammable materials. Having good defensible space allows fire crews a chance to more effectively defend a structure against an oncoming fire.
County Land Use Services Department, Code Enforcement Division, began weed abatement inspections on January 13 and will continue until the perimeter of the district is complete. The teams are inspecting high hazard areas adjacent to the national forest boundary for defensible space compliance. Property owners will be contacted by mail if property improvements are needed. In the mailer, a flyer will be included which will contain more information about the chipping program.
Under this program, property owners will be able to have their wood debris chipped and re-distributed back onto their property. These wood chips are far less combustible, and transition from vegetation that supports burning into wood chips that help retard the growth of a fire. The cost of providing this chipping service is being incurred by the County Fire Department.
Property owners are responsible for cutting or raking the materials and having the debris placed curbside for chipping – as no haul away will be available. It is essential that all properties in the area be treated in order to provide the best level of protection. Consequently, if a property owner does not take advantage of the free chipping program in the time frame allotted, then they will be held responsible for the clean-up and removal at their own expense. Wood chipping is scheduled to begin in February; dates and locations to be announced.

It’s not a question of if, but when, the next wildfire will occur. With advance planning and preparation, you can dramatically increase your safety and the survivability of your property. Visit to learn how to make your home defensible against fires. The Ready! Set! Go! Personal Wildfire Action Plan gives you the tips and tools to successfully prepare for a wildfire.
For more information, call Land Use Services at 909-884-4056 or the Office of the Fire Marshal at 909-386-8400.

6 thoughts on “Hazard abatement enforcement begins, County Fire offers free curbside chipping services

  1. Received a weed abatement notice today regarding weeds on my property. Parcel: 0305-674-200000.
    Can you please send me a photo of the grasses that your inspector observed on 7-15-20015? I have driven to the area that your Department normally inspects for grasses but, could not see where I was in violation. Maybe he/she was referring to another property. Thanks!

  2. We received a notice and order to abate bushes on an Easement 20 feet X 130 feet next to access road where Edison wires run from one electric post to another (not to the property) this Easement area, we as owners “cannot” use, place, build, dig, etc. absolutely nothing, why is it that Edison does not maintain such area if such is a potential Fire Hazard ? they do the top of trees but not the bushes.

    We learned from neighbors the fire that burned near the Golf Course in Arrowhead Woods, began by a fallen hot wire, such scenario is also possible here, if a live wire was to fall on all these bushes.

    Also, we bought from B of A two years ago, and we have pictures, it was like that already and we did not know about this. Why is it that they did not comply with fire regulations and abatement ?

    We can provide you with all information, we would like to know if you cited Bank of America and they obviously did not comply with the mandated Fire regulations for years, these bushes do not grow over night.

    The areas around the house, those areas we have almost done following CSB guidelines, we are absolutely aware now as to how to fire comply, we know how dangerous fires are. We got a couple of estimates and it is very costly between $1500 and $2000, we are wondering if you can order Edison to do the job, or if you have an available program to do it.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Hello, We are landowners in Deer Lodge Park with land bordering the San Bernardino National Forest. Could you please provide more information (who to contact) to schedule wood chipping. We have piles of deer-bush and manzanita trimmings that need chipping. The article about the FireSafe program is vague. We would really like to get these brush piles chipped. Thank you, Sherry

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