Photo_SuperSCRAM Installation_013114In preparation for Super Bowl weekend, the San Bernardino County Probation Department’s DUI Unit placed 30 high risk offenders on Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring devices (SCRAM). The week long operation, nicknamed “Super SCRAM,” will remotely monitor the probationer’s alcohol consumption over a 7 day period ending on Tuesday. Supervising Probation Officer Thomas Shiley stated, “With the potential for alcohol consumption higher during Super Bowl weekend, it is the department’s intent to monitor these offenders to deter alcohol use, but also to raise accountability for those who do choose to drink.”

Offenders subjected to “Super SCRAM” electronic monitoring were selected based on criteria including those with multiple DUI offenses or those whose offenses resulted in serious injury or death. A 2011 California study showed that Hard Core Drunk Drivers (HCDDs) who were monitored with continuous monitoring devices had a re-arrest rate of only one-half the state average for repeat DUI offenders.

Each probationer was fitted with an ankle bracelet device that is equipped with sensors to detect alcohol consumption by measuring ethanol emitted through the individual’s perspiration. This transdermal method can provide continual monitoring without the necessity of an invasive blood drawn sample. The device automatically checks for alcohol every 30 minutes, stores the data and electronically transmits the results every 24 hours for evaluation. The unit can also monitor any attempts to tamper with, obstruct or remove the device.

Should the offender consume alcohol or violate the program requirements they may be arrested and have their grant of probation revoked. Offenders are financially responsible for the costs of installation, daily monitoring fees and any damage to the SCRAM device.

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