County government earned some well-deserved praise from The Sun and Daily Bulletin newspapers over the weekend. In an editorial, the newspapers said:

“Residents have regained faith in their county government.color seal small

“Supervisors have wisely ceded much of their former power to the county CEO. They now rely on him to carry out their policies — rather than shady old practices like directing staff members to move a favored project ahead of others, for example — and they have given up the massive discretionary funds — slush funds, if you prefer — that they used to control.

“As the economy has slowly improved, the county has been able to build its reserves while reducing its projected budget deficit. Most of the county employee unions have agreed to pick up the employee portions of their pensions costs, as they all should.”

The editorial also mentioned how other counties are now looking to emulate San Bernardino County’s good government practices.

It was encouraging to see the news media so clearly acknowledge the efforts made by the Board of Supervisors and all County employees to create a county in which those who reside and invest can prosper and achieve well-being, as articulated in the County’s Job Statement.


4 thoughts on “Newspapers praise County’s progress

  1. We are going to vote on this issue, as far as I know, it hasn’t been voted on and passed. Our county union is not picking up or employee pensions, and our medical insurances are going up. We haven’t received a cost of living increase in years!

  2. From what I understand the employees have not voted to ratify their contract. Was this fact checked? Perhaps the county is ahead of itself in saying that this agreement has been made. Or maybe the county already has a way to make this vote go through. The votes have not been submitted much less counted.

    1. True, SBPEA has not approved the agreement yet. The article was referring to other employee groups, including Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters, who have approved similar agreements.

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