Final Government Works Stamp

During the first quarter of 2013, the County’s Workforce Investment Board entered into an agreement with the County’s Housing Authority to provide employment and educational services to families eligible under the housing assistance program.

The program has served a total of 123 low-income residents who receive career counseling, employment services workshops, job referrals and job skills enhancement services. The overall program goals are to assist eligible individuals with finding and retaining work, improving skills, becoming self-sufficient, and contributing to the economic stability of San Bernardino County.

On June 12, 2014, the National Association of Counties recognized the Housing Authority and Workforce Investment Board partnership with an Achievement Award in the category of Employment and Training. The award was just one of 31 San Bernardino County received from NaCo this year for our innovative programs, surpassing its own record of 27 NaCo awards in 2011.

This is an example of how Government Works.



2 thoughts on “Government Works: County providing employment, training and skills

  1. As a recipient of benefits is there training assistance provided in the form of funds to train or re-certify, guard card, and exposed carry permits?

    1. Hi Paul, Yes, the County does assist with the guard card but not exposed carry permits unless it is issued through the Security Guard School as part of their program. We have training funds for eligible candidates. One needs to go register at one of our Americas Job Centers: In order to be eligible a candidate needs to be a resident of San Bernardino County, with right to work documents: ID and Social Security Card. Men need to be registered with the Selective Service. They will need to bring ID and Social Security Card to the Job Center to make an appointment for an orientation. At the orientation they will be guided through the program to enter into a vocation training. The Job Center locations are:
      San Bernardino
      658 E. Brier Dr,
      San Bernardino

      Rancho Cucamonga
      9650 9th ST
      Rancho Cucamonga

      High Desert
      17310 Bear Valley Rd
      Victorville, CA

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