Final Government Works Stamp

Did you know the Department of Child Support Services has implemented six self-service kiosks in the public reception areas of each of its three offices, as well as its office located at the local child support court?

These kiosks offer customers the opportunity to open a case, access information about the status of their case, make a payment toward their child support obligation, or obtain answers to questions they may have about the program.

Customers may also access information about community services which assist in addressing other non-child support issues they may be experiencing. The six kiosks were installed in September 2012. During 2013, 4,461 customers spent over 265 hours using the department’s kiosks.

Kiosks (1)On June 13, the National Association of Counties recognized Child Support Services with an Achievement Award for their innovative kiosks.

This is an example of how Government Works.

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