Final Government Works Stamp

Food service facilities in San Bernardino County can sometimes have reoccurring critical violations increasing the risk of food borne illness outbreaks and low inspection scores. This can have a negative financial impact on businesses.

Did you know the Division of Environmental Health Services  implemented a Health Education Liaison Program that promotes effective strategies to improve inspection scores, raise food safety standards, and strengthen operator’s managerial control measures to meet long-term compliance objectives?

Low scoring facilities are referred to HELP by district inspectors. The HELP consultation is performed at no cost to the facility and has assisted participating food facilities in achieving a 10% reduction in critical violations.

An example of the effectiveness of this program is represented by a facility that went from a score of 73 (C grade) before the HELP consultation, and increased to a score of 90 (A grade) on their next unannounced routine inspection five months later.

The Health Education Liaison Program was recently recognized with an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties.

This is an example of how Government Works.

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