Final Government Works StampDid you know the County’s Workforce Investment Board and the Fontana Police Department teamed up to help lower the recidivism rate for early release prisoners and probationers?

The Fontana Police Department’s Re-Entry Support (FRST) team was created to assist previously incarcerated individuals with re-assimilation into society. Nationally, the rate at which this population re-offends and goes back to prison is 75 percent.

The FRST team conducted an assessment and learned that the biggest issue above food, medical care, substance abuse treatment, and housing was lack of employment.

FRST reached out to the Workforce Investment Board to help provide employment services, job coaching, job search assistance and re-connection to the workforce that participants needed. Since September 2012, FRST and the Workforce Investment Board have provided 256 people with medical services, counseling, therapy, support groups, assistance with driver license and social security compliance, social services, shelter, education, occupational skills and employment.

The program has placed over 106 clients in employment.

Recently, the National Association of Counties recognized FRST and the Workforce Investment Board with an Achievement Award for their innovative program.

This is an example of how Government Works.

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