The Victorville Adult Probation Office and Day Reporting Center at 15505 Civic Drive, Victorville CA 92392 has moved to 15480 Ramona Ave, Victorville, CA 92392.

The reception desk phone number is (760) 243-8269.


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  1. Phil Giden Prob No1078396 I live overseas and called in as I do every month usually at the end month to be logged in, I called in yesterday 27th of NOV only to find out that it was a Holiday I then called again today 28th Nov at 12 but no one answered, I don’t have an assigned officer but I had these office Numbers from previous calls so I left a message on officer Della phone 1760 2438157 that I called, I also left a message on a Nicole Philip 1760 2438296 answering machine . There is no thanksgiving Holiday here out of the country thanksgiving is an American tradition. I will be calling on Monday morning to speak with the day officer thank you very much.

  2. My names Michael walker I’m outside your probation office and the door is locked it is Saturday and it 8:45am I’m new to probation is the probation office open on the weekends I’m trying to check in so I do not violate please please let me know that you

  3. I have tried to contact the office once I received a message from Officer Clinton to call and cannot find a working number on the internet. Have called Devore and they had no information. Being a holiday weekend am not able to get anywhere with this. Please forward this email or register my contact somehow so as not to be thought of as “not returning the call” . Since I do not have a phone and the phone number that you have for me belongs to a friend working out of state at the moment. You can also reach me thru my neighbor at 714-914-3525. Thank you, I apologize for any inconvenience.
    Danielle Ferguson

  4. Hello,
    I am trying to get in contact with someone who I can talk to on a new Men’s home that is now opened up in the Victorville area , please have someone contact me via email.
    Thank You

  5. How can I report someone who is violating there probation & also how do I get a hold of there probation officer ?

  6. Hi, My son is currently in San Bernardino Central Detention Center, 630 E Rialto, San Bernardino. He will be getting out on Thursday 11/12/15 in the early morning and wants to check in first thing. I am trying to make sure this where the office is that he is to report to and so I can let him know the best way to get there because he will have limited funds on him and lives 200 miles away. Thank you so very much.


  7. Hello n good morning my name is precious n I need to speak with someone bout with to do… I’m in a dilima… C I no long live at the address give n for the holidays I came out to visit with my children… I had planned to come back the 30th but my grandma passed the 29 so of course I wanted to tend the funeral.. Well long story short I don’t know how I can get back now nor do I have anywhere to live … Plz help I plan to go down to the office here n c bout a transfer back being that I out of a home I was just moved there n things r going all wrong ….

  8. Hello my name is Janet Gutierrez, I am interested in a career with the prohbation department, do you offer volunteer services?
    Where can I get more information?
    Thank you for your time.

  9. Hi I’m trying to talk directly to my husband’s probation officer. I called the office but I don’t have the extension. Officer Daniels I believe is his P.O… Is there any way to find the extension so that I can speak to her? If at all possible today?

  10. Beside my place we have small RV n our old neighbor stay there. His a disable have heart problem also his chatarak on his eye just removed by MD. When they moved here o told them when your wife working( she is on medical benefits ) you can work for 2 days only coz I don’t wanna having responsible for him. Now she is working for 1 weeks n not notified me until yesterday her daughter call. She wanna bring another van because triple hot at their place. This Saturday I wanna traveling for a month. I tell him last night to stay with his daughter also his family in San Bernadino. He said yes to me but when he spoke to his daughter his refuse. My concern because his wife don’t have responsible leaving his disable husband on hot place so what I have to do ?? Can I call police to explain to him n moved with his daughter or what?? I do really confuse… They not pay anything in my small RV . Please help me. Thank you

  11. I was wondering how i start the process off getting off probation early? All community services hours done and fines are all paid.

  12. Hi. I was wondering when I finish paying my fees is there away I can get off probation early? My probation was transfer to SC but my PO said I would have to talk to someone from up here to figure this out… If you can help me I would surely appreciate it.

  13. Inquiring I find it hard for a individual that’s homeless and have no address cannot check in daily at this office that was told as well,instead of keep going back to jail what is Victorville other options this party I know is trying his best but homeless and cooperate with you guys and gets threatened of bench warrant if no address provided. What is our resources.

    1. Hi Vanessa – Please contact the Day Reporting & Reentry Center in their location to speak with the officer of the day or their assigned probation officer.

      Barstow: (760)366-4130
      Victorville: (760)245-1896
      San Bernardino: (909)382-7800
      Fontana: (909)356-3496

  14. I would like to know, why violent felons are allowed to return to homes, where there as been problems in the past. “IN A HOME with a ELDERLY person. This question was addressed to my 28 yr. old step-sister’s (by marriage only) probation officer and I also asked that this felon be removed from my moms home, after my moms passing. Well guess what? her probation officer did not want to have her vacate the 55 + park and on 3/31/2017 she stole my deceased moms vehicle and she is now facing 7 felonies and two misdemeanor charges in Riverside County. Oh by the way, her probation officer told me, she didn’t have time to sit outside the park gates and wait for it to open. I provided code for her, yet approx. one month after this conversation, my moms vehicle sits in impoundment. Hmmm

    1. I’m in same thing son went to prison for violation talked to agent she just said get along how when he is violent beats on me and threats to stab but oh get along really well went did 2 years on 4 year sentence but got out let him back in our home again he is same they didn’t bother too ck so now were in fear again and he is worse. What can I do get him out we are in fear of him police may not get to us in time if we call and scared probation will call before I get home please help

  15. Can someone please contact me regarding my ex who is on parole. I need to know who his parole officer is and a contact number for her

    1. Hi Kady, if your ex is on parole you would have to contact the California Department of Corrections, Division of Parole. If you need to contact San Bernardino County Probation, please call (909) 387-5841.

  16. Hi my husband is in jail in kern county and is trying to bail out but you guys have a probation hold on him. How do i get that lifted?

  17. Lol just curious I was on juvie probation years ago and finished successful ….m I aloud to send a picture of me in my uniform at my job to show my success after I got off probation from a teen lol just curious not a biggie but tought it would be sorta cool to show it’s easy to change lol thank you have a great night

    1. Good Morning, William. Thank you for contacting us and congratulations on your success! You definitely have proven that there’s always hope when you have the will to improve yourself. We’ve passed your information along to the Probation Department. We look forward to seeing you in uniform!

  18. Hi, my friend recently was released from west valley after serving a 180 day jail term for probation violation. she was previously sentenced to three years felony probation, but it was revoked and a warrant was issued that prompted her last arrest. She is wondering if she is still on probation now that she is out? she doesn’t have any paperwork about it, and she can’t remember if they said she was supposed to report. Online, all I can find is that her probation was revoked and terminated. Does this mean she is off probation because she served the jail sentence,? Or is it possible she is still on probation and needs to get a hold of her officer? Note: she is homeless and diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, so it’s possible she just lost her paperwork. Please let me know what we can do so she doesn’t end up back in jail.

  19. My probation expires 12/09/2017. What do I have to do when it expires? Do I go in, go to court or does it automatically get sent to the court saying that I’ve completed everything? Please let me know.

  20. Hi Sam, unfortunately, due to safety concerns children should not be brought to any of our offices. If you have any other questions you can contact our Probation Department and you will be referred to the officer of the day. The number is 909-387-5874.

  21. If someone is on probation and threatened the driver with a crow bar in her hand and then busted out the back passenger window, what number could I call to report this.

  22. I am trying to reach the parole division as my husband is being held on a parole violation on an interstate compact and has been locked up for 37 days. They keep scheduling hearing days and they have postponed these dates several times. Nobody will tell him what is going on and we would like to know so that we can let his employer know and so we know how to move forward with this. Thank you!

  23. My brother is being released from Prison in a couple weeks. They say he is on probation rather than parole?? Im not sure if it makes a difference either way but is there housing available for him? He cant stay with me and I don’t want him to be homeless again so what are his options? I never know if he is being truthful with me when I ask about housing or half way houses.

    1. Hi Sammi, while we cannot advise what Parole may offer, our Probation Department can help you if he is on Probation. Once someone is released, they complete and Orientation and Assessment, where we address several items, such as housing. If they have no housing available, they will referred for housing options. Please call the Probation Department at 909-387-5874 for more information.

    2. hi my name is marina hernandez and I was in angry management class Wednesday January 30th and I believe my dog which was in the vehicle with my friend jumped out and can possibly be in within the area so anybody with any information if they could please contact Marina at 4422493950 it was wild be appreciated she’s a female brown and white chihuahua goes by the name of little girl and once again anybody with any information that seen her and possibly around the area please contact me as soon as possible

  24. Hi my name is Marina Hernandez tended to anger management class January 30th between 2:30 to 3 and I lost my female Chihuahua who is brown and white she goes by the name little girl and I’m just looking for any information if anyone has seen seen her if they can please give me a call4422493950 I am looking for her hoping that she returned to me as soon as possible so once again anyone with any information or maybe possibly seen her please call me at the number given I would highly appreciate it thank you

  25. When they took my fiancé in on a violation we were living in his condo in Vegas just happen to come out and. Check on this house and he ended up getting pulled over and arrested for leaving state but he left stats cause at the time he was homeless so he moved out fo vegas where he does have a place to live. Now that he got out and asked for intestate compound transfer cause that is where we were living but now his probation office put ankle monitor on him and said he can’t leave state not even to go take Care of Legal matters out there

  26. Hi my boyfriend was recently detained due to a violation without bail, and I was recently Diagnosed with an Immobilizing condition which causes me not to be able to fully take care of our children together which he was doing and I just wanted to know if there was anyone I can talk to to see if anything can be done at all to help in any way. Thank you

  27. I’ve been calling the probation office and nobody’s been responding and my name is Alfredo Morales I’m looking for a probation officer Sanchez you let her know that I next juvenile court appearance is on April 26th if you can call me back please if he has any questions

  28. How do we know the person on probation is doing well in their classes? I mean shouldn’t the counselors know where they are failing ? Does probation question that?

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