911emergencyFeatures of the County’s emergency notification system  allows public safety personnel to reach more residents than ever before during disasters. The Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS) uses listed and unlisted numbers in the region’s 911 database to alert residents of life-threatening emergencies and San Bernardino County updates this database every six months. TENS is a proven success, and has placed hundreds of thousands of calls during wildfire and flood events since its creation in 2004. However, the 9-1-1 database only includes landline telephones, so other numbers must be registered. If a resident wishes to receive an emergency alert text message on their cell phone or an emergency call on their Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone they must register the number in the system. TENS is only used in potentially life-threatening incidents such as an evacuation during a wildfire or earthquake. When the County deems it necessary to activate TENS, it will call the numbers in the 9-1-1 landline database in the affected area, and another separate alert will also go out via text message to the cell phones of those residents who have signed up for these alerts. In addition, a call will also be placed to any VoIP numbers that have been registered. The TENS system is currently TTY and TDD capable, however, residents who use these devices are encouraged to enter their numbers using this new feature so that the County can ensure they receive a message appropriate for their device. To sign up, please visit http://1.usa.gov/1tmgTli or sign up from the home pages of the County Fire and Sheriff’s departments at www.sbcfire.org  or www.sbcsd.org. Thanks to the partnership with San Bernardino County’s 2-1-1 Social Services Hotline, residents who do not have internet access may register by dialing 211 or 1-888-435-7565 to sign up. Since many households do not have landlines these days, we hope that this additional method will go further towards alerting residents and enhancing the overall safety of even more San Bernardino County citizens. Be Prepared BEFORE disaster strikes. Learn more by visiting www.sbcfire.org/oes and click on Disaster Preparedness. The County of San Bernardino Fire Department and Sheriff’s Department utilizes multiple ways to notify residents of impending danger, but residents should not wait for or rely exclusively on any single notification system. If you are concerned about your safety and welfare, please evacuate.

12 thoughts on “Sign up for emergency alerts via text message and VoIP

  1. I was trying to sign up on-line for the text alerts, and the links provided are circular when using the sbcounty.com link, and when using the sbcfire link, there is no link to a form to fill out. I was unable to open the sbcsd site.

    Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


  2. My neighbors and I attempted to follow the link on the above page which reads, “Sign up for emergency alerts via text message and VoIP”; however, that link only returns to the same page referencing the link.

  3. you keep giving the same link which is not working. I was able to register earlier today but I found the form purely by accident. I cannot remember now how I did it so I can set up a link with my husband’s phone. I think you need to check into this.

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