bigbearlakelibraryThe County Library’s Big Bear Branch will undergo a remodel with fresh paint, new carpet, flooring, furniture and some reconfiguration of the existing layout. While the remodel is taking place, the library will temporarily close from April 11 to May 20. Customers are encouraged to visit the Running Springs, Lake Arrowhead or Crestline branch libraries during the remodel.

“I’m excited about the upcoming changes to the library,” said James Ramos, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “Once complete, I’m sure residents will be pleased with the fresh, updated look and we’re looking forward to celebrating the reopening.”

The library is set to reopen at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 21 and the public is invited to celebrate with a ribbon cutting, children’s performer, crafts and more. The Friends of the Big Bear Lake Branch library will also be holding their annual book sale.

The San Bernardino County Library System is a dynamic network of 32 branch libraries that serves a diverse population over a vast geographic area. The County library system strives to provide equal access to information, technology, programs, and services for all people who call San Bernardino County home.

The library plays a key role in the achievement of the Countywide Vision, by contributing to educational, cultural, and historical development of our County community. For more information on the San Bernardino County library system, please visit or call (909) 387-2220.

2 thoughts on “County Library to remodel Big Bear Lake Branch

  1. Re: remodel at Big Bear LIbrary May 21st opening. Children’s area, Row of desks for PC sourcing and comfortable seating in main area of library nicely done.

    However, it would be nice to have the remodel modified in the Friends of Library area. Books difficult to touch and gather–all set down low in 2 built in book case rows of 3 low shelves. Also no where to sit in the FOL area, the handy bench seating near corner “L” window is gone now. I witnessed 3 elderly patrons (two who purchase regularly) could not maneuver in the area…too low to bend down, lighting dim in this area as well. Recommend spindle book shelves be added on top of the low bank built in book shelves for easier viewing and access of product. The FOL area definitely needs some punch list adjustments after this remodel. It might help for improved sales, if you find FOL sales going down.
    If you are handicapped, are ambulatory but have difficulty bending or maneuvering, this portion of the design does not work and needs modifying. I am not handicapped and I had to bend over for 30 minutes to view the low bookshelves…rather an odd experience.


    Mrs. M. Thomas

    1. The Library is currently working through a punch list after the remodel and will be happy to add a bench in the Friends area. We will also look into adding a few stools to assist with browsing the collection.

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