The County is continuing its ongoing effort to reach out and provide assistance to victims of the recent Blue Cut Fire. The county’s latest effort is focused on helping property owners deal with asbestos testing and removal.asbestos-removal-services

Many if not most of the homes and other buildings destroyed or damaged in the fire were built when asbestos was commonly used in many aspects of construction. Asbestos has since been deemed a highly hazardous material, and state law requires that it be collected and disposed of in accordance with specific protocols. Asbestos cannot be dumped in regular trash bins or taken to county landfills.

Testing debris for asbestos and removing it are both costly, and ordinarily these costs would be the sole responsibility of the property owner. There are no standing government programs to assist property owners with the costs of asbestos testing and removal. However, as a special service to victims of the Blue Cut Fire, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors has set aside funding to cover the cost of asbestos testing and to assist with the asbestos remediation and demolition process. The county is distributing this informational flyer in both English and Korean to property owners affected by the Blue Cut Fire through the Internet and social media, at the front counters of county and other public agency offices, direct mail, and in-person.

2 thoughts on “County helping Blue Cut victims with asbestos testing and removal

  1. I would like to know if this help for fire victims still in affect. My mother of 88 just lost her home due to the Lytle Creek fire on 08-25-2021 she can not afford a asbestos contractor for cleaning, right now she is looking at a quote of $ 20,000.00 because of her age she does not work. she can use assistance from the city. please contact me for any possibility. thank you.

    1. Mr. Hernandez, we are so sorry to hear about your mom’s home. Here are some resources: USDA – (The USDA has single-family direct home loans)
      NPHS – (This link will provide information for people who qualify to clean up or repair their home.)
      If we get more information and resources we will share those with you. Please take care.

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