Some news media have erroneously reported that the Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing on Policy 4.10 of the Renewable Energy and Conservation Element of the County General Plan this coming Tuesday, Jan. 29. The hearing had been rescheduled for – and will will occur on – Thursday, Feb. 28, not this coming Tuesday, Jan. 29.


2 thoughts on “Renewable energy hearing on Feb. 28, NOT Jan. 29.

  1. Dear Planning Committee

    Who do I contact to get on the County Calendar for consideration of my Property out across from Flamingo Heights. I Very Badly want be considered for Renewable Sustainable Energy on Property of 80 acres.
    You will find a Solar Panel Tracking System on the
    Motter property off Pioneertown Road on the Left
    The Dome structure is White.

    I would like very much to be at your upcoming meeting. I don’t live there anymore.

    Please, Please make this Dream Come True.

    Keturah Mcmillin

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