County Regional Parks along with Friends of Regional Parks (F.O.R. Parks) will begin the first phase of the Calico Wagon Restoration project on Sunday, Oct. 13. As part of its goal, F.O.R. Parks is seeking donations to help ensure the project receives the added support it needs to preserve these vintage wagons and buggies of early settlers.

Due to the extreme 24/7 weather conditions at Calico Ghost Town, these once-prominent modes of transportation that still line the 1880s Old West mining town are in dire need of restoration. Over time, the harsh sun, rain and wind conditions dries, cracks and rots the wood-framed vehicles.

“We would like to extend an invitation to all to come out and witness the job it took to care for wagons when they were the main source of transportation,” said Director of San Bernardino County Regional Parks Beahta Davis.

There is a growing interest among local groups to preserve Calico history. Getting involved with the restoration project are San Bernardino County Regional Parks, Calico concessioners, and volunteers from Equestrian Trails Incorporated (ETI), Corral 14 (Palmdale), Corral 66 (Barstow), and F.O.R. Parks.

“Regional Parks is excited to work in partnership with F.O.R. Parks, ETI, Calico concessioners, Corral 14, and Corral 66 to complete the first step in preserving wagons at Calico,” Davis said.

On Sunday, a small group of volunteers will be at Calico oiling down the salvageable wood with ETI volunteers generously donating their knowledge, time, and all necessary supplies to make the project happen.

Lori Ciabattini of F.O.R. Parks says the importance of this project is historical. “We want visitors at Calico to experience firsthand what it was like to live and work in an Old West mining town and by preserving these wagons, we are preserving history.”

F.O.R. Parks is a 100-percent volunteer organization and all funds donated to this project will go directly to this vehicle restoration and preservation project. The group has been working with County Regional Parks, Calico concessioners, and the public to raise funds to restore these vintage vehicles.

For more information on donating or volunteering for this project, email