A comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination dashboard created by the County’s Public Health data team launched today at sbcovid19.com to provide an at-a-glance look at the status of vaccine distribution and administration in San Bernardino County.

“We are excited about using the technological resources and talent we have in our Public Health data team to create a transparent and informative platform for people to see the state of vaccine administration,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “As we move through and out of this pandemic, this resource will help our residents see how we are progressing on getting vaccines into our communities and into arms as quickly as possible.”

The dashboard displays information about:

  • COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to San Bernardino County residents
  • COVID-19 vaccine doses administered by San Bernardino County providers
  • The number of residents vaccinated with a breakdown of first and second doses
  • The percent of the population that has received vaccines in our county
  • Demographic data about who has received COVID-19 vaccines by age, race, ethnicity and gender
  • A countywide map listing the vaccination numbers in each city that shows the number of residents vaccinated and the rate of those vaccinated in each location.
  • A mapped listing of  San Bernardino County providers who have received doses of vaccine and how many of those vaccines have been administered to San Bernardino County residents
  • COVID-19 vaccine inventory by brand (Pfizer, Moderna)

The dashboard is best viewed on a desktop computer screen. To view the new vaccine data, visit sbcovid19.com and click on “COVID-19 Dashboard.”

9 thoughts on “County launches comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination data dashboard

  1. When will these sites to make appointments for Covid vaccines be updated to include that TEACHERS are now eligible? I’ve bee unable to schedule and it always says teachers are not being vaccinated now. Thank you!

      1. What about teachers who live in SB County but provide in class instruction in Orange County?

        Your website should allow us to sign up along with the 65+ folks.

        1. The County is not in charge of vaccinating teachers providing in person instruction. That process is being handled by the school districts. Please contact your district for information on whether you are eligible and where you can get vaccinated.

          1. Thanks, but that didn’t answer my question.

            Obviously, my OC school district isn’t setting up group appointments for SB County residents.

  2. I’m 83 years old and my wife is 76. She is unable to travel and I’m unable to leave her. We live east of Daggett in the county and are wondering if we might be able to be vaccinated against the Covid 19
    virus someday.

  3. My parents received their 1st Modern vaccine. They had their 2nd appointment scheduled for tomorrow and the pharmacy just called and cancelled and it and can’t see them until March 10th!! That is WELL BEYOND the 42 days. There are no 2nd dose appointments for Modern. They are all Pfizer!

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