After meeting the U.S. Treasury’s performance benchmark by obligating of over $34 million of pandemic rental assistance to help more than 4,500 San Bernardino County residents retain their housing, the San Bernardino County Rent Relief Partnership (SBCRRP) Program has merged with the State of California’s Housing is Key rental assistance program. The merger of the programs represents the State and County’s commitment to continue providing effective service to County residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Board prioritized helping county residents who fell behind on their rent and utility payments to meet their obligations and stay in their homes,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “Like many other innovative programs initiated by San Bernardino County, such as the COVID-Compliant Business Partnership Program and the Great Plates Delivered meals program, the Rent Relief Partnership has been key to helping our residents during this challenging time.”

Prior to the merger, the state and County operated separate programs that served different income populations which caused confusion amongst residents. On Oct. 1, 2021, in an effort to consolidate the programs, streamline processes, reduce confusion, and increase program efficiencies, the SBCRRP program transitioned to the Housing is Key program. Approximately $8.4 million of the County’s Round 1 allocation and $56.8 million of the Round 2 allocation will be transitioned to the State to be administered under the Housing Is Key banner. These monies will be earmarked to continue to provide services specifically to eligible San Bernardino County residents. The state will augment the County’s funding with a direct allocation it received from the U. S. Treasury to serve many more San Bernardino County residents in need.

Given the magnitude of the funding and the immense demand for coordination between programs, other locally managed programs in the cities of Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco and the counties of Orange, Contra Costa and San Joaquin have transitioned their programs to the state as a result of recent program modifications made by the state to better align with local goals and objectives.

The SBCRRP website is still functional and is directing first-time assistance seekers, as well as those with applications in the review process to the State’s Housing is Key program at for further assistance. County residents who previously submitted an application on the state’s online portal will have their applications reactivated, and in most circumstances will not have to reapply. Under some circumstances, applicants will have to reapply. The County and its service provider, Inland SoCal United Way 211+, have sent out notifications advising applicants of next steps. In an effort to mitigate the impact of the transition, the state has also agreed to prioritize reactivated or resubmitted applications that were in the queue prior to the Oct. 1, 2021 transition date.

Current and prospective applicants are encouraged to call (833) 687-0967 for more information regarding the program, to obtain an update on their application status, or to request an appointment for assistance with the application process during the transition period.

18 thoughts on “Rent-relief programs meet goals, transition to state

  1. I have already signed all the documents that were sent to me and Ive gotten nothing back as to what my status is. It keeps telling me that I can log in to see but there is nothing to see?

  2. Federal turned over to state. I just found out if you filled out application through the 211 United Way or Inland socal you will need to apply to the state web site. Im getting help through Inland with my application transferring. They transferred sometime first part of October. So that program is closed. Need to reapply with State. Mine was ready for financing and I still need to apply with state on their web location.

  3. I applied with housing is key back early September and funds say disbursed but I have yet to receive check. Been over a month saying pending payment disbursed. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long.

  4. I’m Conditionally approved for funds It’s been about a month and a half and haven’t received any notice that my funds are being distributed to my landlord

  5. I applied for additional rent and utility relief a month ago and my application has had a status of recertification submitted for some time now .The application also says landlord pending assignment which sounds to me like the program is waiting on my landlord to respond. However my landlord Says that there has been no emails or requests from a case manager. It would be helpful if there were some way to communicate with a rep. When I call the call center they refer me back to the website to get a status update, however the update is confusing and don’t not answer any questions.

  6. I’ve been waiting on funding for about 2 months now, I got an email stating it would be here in 7 to 14 business days that was 22 business days ago. Is this normal? ⁷3rd d 3rd

  7. I reapplied for rental assistance on October 7th, 2021. I have called to check on my application status and I’m told to wait, a case manager will contact me by email. I haven’t heard anything from anyone in this program. My landlord is furious and it’s making for a tense situation. My application status is “application submitted for review “ for 2 months now. Is there anyone specifically I can contact?
    Thank you,
    Nancy Babka

  8. Hi I have had my recertification submitted since early November ALONG WITH AN APPEAL FOR CASE WORKERS ERROR (documented with screen shots from email correspondence between myself and case worker stating he would have a higher up contact me & that never happened)
    This entire process is beyond aggravating and stressful to be hanging in wait, wait wait with no idea when help is going to come. I think it’s pretty cruel to do to people already in a very tough place. I just want to know that I have been assigned to someone, or that my case is being worked on and I would feel a lot better

  9. I applied several months ago and have received 1 request for documents over 2 months ago online. Requested docs were submitted and my online status still says pending applicant information with no tasks due. When I call they just tell me that they have everything they need and I have to wait. My landlord is tired of waiting and I’m afraid of eviction. My utility companies are demanding payments as well for the past due payments. How much longer will this take.

  10. Hello,
    First I want to remind all of us who are needing this Refief grant to know how fortunate we are to have at least ppl who understand and are willing to help us all in this unfortunate time in life. I had cancer during this pandemic also covid . AS a single mom income with a 8 yr old child in and out of the hospital I didn’t know about what was going on in the outside world. Wasn’t until July I found out about this grant . I have applied 7 months ago but haven’t heard anything new. I have called but was told a worker has been working on my case. Is there a time frame that normally disbursement should have been sent ? I am currently working part time but have recently been contact with new job prospects. I am cancer free 6 months in remission and ready to start working again!!! Keep your heads up everyone.. 😉

  11. I had submitted an application months ago around September, transitioned to the state filled my application and everything, I was told via message that my application would be prioritized. Now my application says “Application Pending Applicant Information” Ive submitted all of my documents. Spoke to someone they told me to wait for an update but its been months since that call.

  12. I applied in July of 2021 was Conditionally approved by August 2021.We are now in the end of February 2022 and nothing has updated. My landlord harassed me non stop about when rental relief was going to pay honestly I don’t know. Now March 2022 is coming and I could be looking at an eviction because nothing has been updated. I also applied through inland 211 applied for housing is key recently and they redirected me back to inland 211 absolutely ridiculous. Time for me to leave CA. I understand everything is backed up but leaving everyone in the dark is horrible.

  13. I applied September 18 approved October 18 “disbursed” November 5th and here it is march 26 2022 and STILL nothing!!! Not a dime to give to landlord! NADA!

  14. I applied on October 2,2021 and completed all task and uploaded all required documents.It is now 6 months later and I must have called over a hundred times and each time all they tell is wait for a case worker to contact me.This is bullshit because no one has contacted me and it seems like the state and county are stealing the peoples funds.

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