Image provided by County Fire Department.

During National Volunteer Week, we recognize the efforts of volunteers nationwide. We are grateful for our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers. Their dedication enhances our community’s disaster preparedness and provides essential skills and support where they are most needed.

The CERT program focuses on preparing and supporting our community in times of disaster. When emergencies strike, our CERT volunteers are among the first to respond, equipped with extensive training in disaster response skills. This includes fire safety, search and rescue, and disaster medical operations, all aimed at keeping themselves and their neighbors safe until professional help arrives.

Our volunteers undergo a detailed 20-hour FEMA curriculum that ends with a disaster simulation, giving them practical experience in applying their skills effectively. This preparation ensures that when disasters strike, our community is not only resilient but also responsive.

Across San Bernardino County, thousands have participated in this free training, with many advancing to become credentialed volunteers. These individuals have passed DOJ and FBI background checks and carry their County OES ID cards, indicating their readiness and commitment to serve.

As we observe National Volunteer Week, let’s acknowledge the selfless contributions of our CERT volunteers who play a significant role in making San Bernardino County a safer place to live. Their continued dedication to training, community service and disaster response exemplifies the spirit of community and readiness that defines us all.

To our CERT volunteers: Thank you. Your commitment to our community is deeply appreciated, and we are incredibly thankful for your service.

If you’re interested in joining the CERT team, please visit to learn more about how you can contribute to our community’s safety and resilience. Be involved, get trained and be ready to make a difference.

Additional County Update News – April 25, 2024