The Probation Department conducted a multi-agency probation compliance operation in the City of Grand Terrace on Tuesday evening. The Sheriff’s Department also participated in the sweep.

The Probation Department conducts regular multi-agency compliance operations throughout the county. In these operations, every supervised offender within a specific city or geographic area is targeted for contact. The Probation Department accomplishes this by redeploying officers from throughout the county to focus on a target area.

Since the inception of AB 109, the Probation Department has prioritized scheduling these operations in cities with large populations of PRCS offenders, or on the basis of crime rates or other factors. However, the Probation Department is committed to ensuring public safety in every community throughout the county. With a total of only 44 probationers and PRCS offenders, Grand Terrace has one of the lowest populations of supervised offenders in San Bernardino County. Despite this, the Probation Department targeted Grand Terrace to ensure that all areas receive the benefits of a compliance operation.

Twenty six probation officers, including command and support staff, were deployed in three teams. Five deputy sheriffs participated. Of the 44 offenders residing in the city, 27 were identified for contact. The other offenders were determined to not need contact for various reasons. Twenty-eight home visits were made, resulting in contact with 18 offenders.  Twenty-one residential searches were conducted, which resulted in the confiscation of two rifles, several knives or edged weapons, a small quantity of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a cache of stolen identification and credit cards. Nine people were arrested, including two non-probationers. The arrests were for new law violations, probation violations, or for active bench warrants.

Probation officers served an arrest warrant on Jessica Bruton, 25, in the 22000 block of Raven Way. Bruton was on formal probation for possession of stolen property, but a warrant had been issued for her arrest following a violation of her probation. Bruton attempted to flee the rear of the residence, but was arrested by probation officers in the back yard.

“Today’s Grand Terrace operation is an example of our desire to support cities that have had to contend with the impact of AB 109. Irrespective of the size of the community, our officers will conduct compliance sweeps to provide public safety services,” Chief Probation Officer Michelle Scray Brown said. “This operation predominately targeted probationers. In addition to AB 109 offenders, we still provide supervision of adult and juvenile probationers and offer a wide range of rehabilitative services that prevent re-offense.”

1 thought on “Probation makes arrests, seizes weapons and stolen property during compliance operation

  1. This was stupid, especially this place, Where the probation made it look bad when it wasn’t. Sure there is so many offenders that go against the law.. But in this case the man on probabtion is attending college to get a degree in helping others. Probation officers should incourage the ones that our making a effert to make a better life instead of scaring there family and making it look like a crime scene. They asked him to quiet school – for real –

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