Mary_JaneOlhassoMary Jane Olhasso, the County’s Assistant Executive Officer of Finance and Administration, has completed the professional development criteria for the Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate Certificate (SLCR).

The CoreNet Global SLCR professional designation is part of a comprehensive career development program for the corporate real estate industry. Twenty-three individuals were honored this year with the SLCR certificate.

Those who hold the SLCR represent an elite group of leaders in the corporate real estate profession. The focus of the Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR) seminar series is the development of critical leadership skills for those positioning themselves for a greater role in their organization. The SLCR Certificate has been awarded to 204 individuals since its inception and is designed to broaden business perspective, enhance strategic approach to decision making, hone financial analysis skills, and expand a candidate’s leadership abilities.

“The SLCR certificate signifies that Mary Jane Olhasso has transcended the corporate real estate function and is a guiding strategic force within their respective organization,” said Angela Cain, CEO of CoreNet Global. “This is the direction we hope that all our members are moving toward, and we encourage them to pursue the SLCR for the education that they will receive and for the accomplishment that the certificate signifies.”

To receive the SLCR certificate, professionals must complete six SLCR seminars.

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