desertflooding1 desertflooding2Severe thunderstorm activity hit the Mojave Desert on Sunday, Sept. 7 and Monday, Sept. 8 triggering flash flood warnings throughout the region.

Because of washouts and bridge damage, Interstate 95, Interstate 40, National Trails Highway, Needles Highway, and various other desert roads were closed. The damaged roads and bridges are located in the communities of Helendale, Silver Lakes, Barstow, Newberry Springs, Ludlow, Amboy and Essex.

The Department of Public Works estimates $1.4 million in damage consisting of debris cleanup, shoulder washouts, bridge damage and roadway asphalt damage. The most extensive damage was along National Trials Highway where currently the sections between Fort Cady Road to Amboy Road, and Cadiz Road to Mountain Springs Road/Interstate 40 are closed pending roadway repairs and bridge evaluations.