public works bannerThe County of San Bernardino Department of Public Works will be starting a surface seal project on various roads in the Lake Arrowhead area from June 20 through August 20. This work will be similar to the work done two years ago on Lake Gregory Drive.

Motorists can expect delays of five to 15 minutes because the project will be a moving operation with a pilot car, which will guide traffic through the work zone to allow access to businesses and homes. Flagmen will be stationed to allow one-way traffic..

The project will be a two-step process. The first step is application of a chip seal to provide a better wear surface. This approach is used on roadways two to three years after they have been resurfaced to protect the new resurface. The concept is similar to applying a wood sealer to a wooden deck to extend the life. The chip seal involves spreading oil onto the roadway to seal it and applying gravel chips that provide the wearing surface.

The second step consists of applying a “fog” seal over the newly chipped surface. This seal improves the bonding of the material to the roadway and improves appearance.

Chip seals are used because they are the most cost-effective treatment to preserve the roadway surface and to protect it from harmful oxidation from the sun and weather. The County typically applies a chip seal to roadways to protect the new surface by sealing it, providing a protective layer while rejuvenating dry and weathered asphalt pavement. Recently revised procedures in the chip seal process that include additional quality control measures, smaller chip size and the application of a fog seal coat have resulted in an improved product.

Public Works plays a key role in the achievement of the Countywide Vision, by maintaining the infrastructure of our roads.

Additional roads will be receiving a surface seal project. For more information see our website under Public Notices at For further questions please contact the Department of Public Works Operations Division at (909) 387-8063.