Preparing for and responding to natural disasters in San Bernardino County has made the National Weather Service (NWS) an increasingly valuable partner in the county’s efforts to keep residents prepared and safe.

Nearly all of the county’s recent emergencies have revolved around the weather and the impacts it has on our communities. The county’s preparedness efforts, and the county’s warnings to residents, begin with early warnings provided by Alex Tardy, warning coordination meteorologist for the NWS office in San Diego.

Tardy visited the San Bernardino County Public Works Department on Monday to discuss the range of services and information offered by the NWS, their data collection methods and how Public Works can optimize their use of this information.

The focus was on enhancing collaboration to improve public service, particularly in areas around Yucaipa and Forest Falls affected by the El Dorado Fire burn scar.

Discussions included coordinating rainfall thresholds, utilizing shared resources like GIS maps and rain gauges, and ensuring clear communication of storm predictions.

Additionally, there was an emphasis on revising vocabulary in alerts to enhance public understanding.

San Bernardino County Public Works and all of the county’s first-responder agencies value NWS as a vital ally and partner and anticipates a strengthened partnership in the future to enhance public safety and service.

Additional County Update News – March 14, 2024