San Bernardino County has established the San Bernardino County Rent Relief Partnership, an emergency rental assistance program that will leverage more than $46.8 million in federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 funds to provide rental and utility assistance to county residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The County has teamed up with Inland SoCal 211+ (ISC211) to administer the San Bernardino County RRP, which will provide up to 12 months of rental arrears and/or prospective rent payments, as well as utility arrears and prospective assistance.

“This program will bring much-needed relief to tenants trying desperately to stay in their homes and, in turn, landlords who have been hard-hit by the economic effects of the pandemic,” said County Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “The county’s partnership with Inland SoCal 211+ is a key step toward economic recovery for our region.”

The county’s program will target its efforts to the most vulnerable individuals/households that have experienced the greatest impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Households must meet the following criteria to receive assistance:

Household Eligibility

  • Household must reside within San Bernardino County. Residents of the cities of Fontana and San Bernardino must submit applications directly to their respective cities for assistance. Applicants from these cities who apply for the County’s program will be redirected to their applicable programs.
  • Household must be obligated to pay rent on a residential dwelling and have a household income at or below 50% of area median income (AMI). See Table 1:

Table 1

Number of

 Persons in Household

















50% AMI $26,400 $30,150 $33,900 $37,650 $40,700 $43,700 $46,700 $49,700


  • One or more individuals within the household has qualified for unemployment benefits or experienced a reduction in household income, incurred significant costs, or experienced other financial hardships due, directly or indirectly, to the COVID-19 outbreak; or
  • One or more individuals within the household can demonstrate a risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability.
  • One or more individuals within the 50% AMI household is unemployed as of the date of the application for assistance and has not been employed for the 90-day period preceding such date.

Assistance is Available!

ISC211 will begin accepting applications on Monday, April 12, 2021. Current plans call for the program to be available through December 31, 2021, or until all funds are exhausted, whichever occurs first.

For more information and to be placed on an interest list, please log on to the County’s website at or  ISC211’s website at

TO APPLY: Visit or dial 211 and select extension 5.

The county encourages landlords to proactively work with their tenants to complete applications as quickly as possible. Tenants are encouraged to work closely with landlords and to communicate their interest in participating in the program.

NOTICE: Households with a household income above 50% AMI, but below 80% AMI are being served by the State of California’s CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program. Please visit The State’s program is distinctively different from the County’s program in that it imposes payment restrictions, allowing 80% of total arrears to be paid, as opposed to the 100% paid by the County’s program. See Table 2:

Table 2

Number of

 Persons in Household

















80% AMI $42,200 $48,200 $54,250 $60,250 $65,100 $69,900 $74,750 $79,550


About San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County is a highly diverse public service organization dedicated to the health and safety of the 2.2 million residents of America’s largest county. Governed by an elected five-member Board of Supervisors, San Bernardino County employs 23,000 public service professionals to provide services in the areas of public safety, health care, social services, infrastructure, economic development, housing, cultural enrichment, recreation, and more. For more information, visit

Inland SoCal 211+, a program of Inland SoCal United Way

The Inland SoCal 211+ Contact Center provides 24/7 centralized, compassionate connection to all health and human services in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Established in 2005, we answer over 250,000 calls per year for housing, utilities, food, healthcare, employment, childcare, social service resources, veteran services, transportation, crisis intervention, and more. We operate specialty call lines for COVID-19 information and vaccine appointments. Inland SoCal 211+ also offers 48 in-house programs. These assist with needs such as job placement, homelessness resolution, rental assistance, and system navigation. The 2-1-1 Contact Center is AIRS Accredited and operated by trained, expert Community Resource Advisors. There is round-the-clock assistance in Spanish/English and live translation for more than 150 languages. Residents can reach services via the toll-free, easy access number 2-1-1, or by texting their zip code to 898-211.

98 thoughts on “Emergency rent relief coming soon for county residents

      1. Hi this Anna Perez I would like help with my rent icannot work my health I’m homeless now
        Thank you

  1. Actually I’m don’t work, I am on desability y expired and needs help for pay rent. Somebody could contacto me? I prefer un Spanish. Thanks

    Actualmentevestoy desempleado y no necesito ayuda para pagar renta, y buscando empleo. Podría alguien comunicarse conmigo?

  2. We are behind in paying rent for 8 months. I lost my job due to Covid 19. I was on unemployment and it has ended. We would appreciate your help with assistance on paying the rent. We will be homeless soon if we can catch up .
    Thank you,
    Jesus Reyes

      1. Wr apply about 3wks ago & we yet to hear any thing about application…can someone call me
        Rosa Alvillar
        2977 park ave#12
        San bernardino,C,92404

  3. Hi, Why are people below 50% AMi put first in the state and county of sanbernardino program, and people under 80% AMI who are unemployed served last? Are you directing people 50% AMI to the county program, so others can be helped?

    1. Hi Marie, The State and County programs will run concurrently, but will serve different income targets. The County’s program will provide assistance to households earning up to 50% AMI, while the State’s program will service households above 50%, but below 80% AMI.

  4. I, Lian Woodruff just online and red the RRP programs that I thin it very help for me.

    How to apply to get the RRP support? Filling a appreciation form and so on? I would like to have a detail responds.

    Thank you!

  5. Hello I am very interested in your rental relief programs coming soon my name is Rachel last name is o r o s c o I am 50 years old I am homeless at the moment I receive unemployment for the time being and I’m trying to find a studio if possible anywhere Loma Linda Redlands Ontario Rialto Fontana anywhere in the local area please if someone can contact me or help me with some assistance I be forever grateful

      1. 211 doesn’t help people that are seeking help diligently some one who keeps calling and inquiring neve in 2 years had any assistance these people might be helping people but it has to be family and friends. Because it not first come first serve

        1. San bernardino county workers are not managed or supervisor very well . I ve never seen something like this in life out of all county san bernardino housing programs are the worst. A Lot of working people living arrangements are unstable . WE NEED SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY WORKERS WITH A PASSION TO HELP OTHERS

  6. I read that a leasing agreement is required.
    What about for the people that need help with their mortgage payments due to covid?

    I have a mortgage in forbearance now can I get assistance as well through emergency rent relief?

    If not, can someone provide me with the information of where I can get some type of assistance. Please I’m desperate for help and I don’t want social services to take my children away because I end up homeless. I have 2 children under the age of 15 years old.

  7. i need renter help and utility asssistance . MY income is much lower than any of the charts. But i desprirate for rental assisstance Can someone, a social worker etc contact and help me..thank you

  8. How do you find out if you’ve been approved or not I filled out a application last week and haven’t heard anything back yet

  9. Hi I’m in need of assistance I need to move out of my sister’s house asap and I don’t have money for deposit for a apartment it’s just me and my daughter she is 11 yrs old I am employed at the moment but it’s still to much for a deposit I would really appreciate the help thank you so much !!!

  10. I lost income in 2020, I am on Snap and Medicaid, do I qualify for cover rental and utility releif.

  11. I live in Morongo Valley unemployed but receive SSI $956 a month. Behind on my rent do i qualify for rental assistance

  12. I’m needing assistance for rental help, I’m behind one month , and I put a application in with sbcitylimk but it’s was told to me that they only help for San Bernardino city residents ad I guess my address is in the San Bernardino county residence, which is confusing to me cause it says San Bernardino ca 92404

  13. I am a landlord and my tenant has not paid since March 2020, how can I apply for assistance?

  14. i have tried to make a applicatio for chino cal. san bernardino county. i need rent relief and i cant get onto a correct web portal

  15. I I am 61 years old and I have lost my section 8 housing certificate due to Kobe could someone please assist me I cannot currently of war to a ran with my income

  16. I’ve applied and waiting for a response,
    Need Help. Really getting behind. When will I know if I qualified for help? And if I did, when will it get here?!

  17. I did a covid relief in. April for San Bernardino CA an still haven’t gotten a response now I’m 5 months behind an I’m afraid I will get put out n have no where to go.

    1. Hi Giorgianna, when you submitted your application, an email (or SMS) was sent to you to confirm the application submission. In this email (or SMS), you’ll be prompted to login using your “user id” (email or phone #) on the portal. Your application status should be on the portal.

  18. Where do I go to check the status of my application with the United Way 2-1-1 rental assistance program that I applied for yesterday through San Bernardino County I can’t find the website to check the status of my application do you have that information

    1. Hi Lori, when you submitted your application, an email (or SMS) was sent to you to confirm the application submission. In this email (or SMS), you’ll be prompted to login using your “user id” (email or phone #) on the portal. Your application status should be on the portal.

  19. If approved will the renters assistance amount be distributed to the tenet that will then pay the bills as well as the rent, or will the payment go directly to landlord ?

  20. I applied and now it says referred to starte final decision has not been made anyone know what that may mean ?

  21. I am getting nervous about my application I callc211 regularly and they tell me I’m in final review or its on supervisors desk or they ask for the same verification I have sent several times I have changed my phone number verbally, on my email link and in writing and today I called and they still don’t have my number updated that is frightening I check my emails constantly no word any idea how much longer and what I can do to expedite the process?

  22. I submitted an application for rental assistance on June 25, 2021. I has been 3 month so far, the status of my application is “under review”, I called united way 211 to get feedback as to when the landlord could be getting paid, I was told they are no to provide information as to time. I does not make any sence to me that for an assist the is time sensitive as for evictions that the program does not have a turn around time.

  23. What is the Email for your finance department to get a status regarding rental payment. It is my understanding the assistance has already been approved, but nobody has communicated with me. Thanks.

  24. I checked my status in the portal it says ive been conditionally approved whats the next step, its getting cold outside.

  25. Hi, what does the application status of “referred to state” mean? Does this mean that the application is being transitioned to the State? What are my next steps to move forward?

  26. I’m going on 4 months now for waiting for my application to go thru….I’m in final review now for almost a month???? What’s going on? Can’t reach anyone and when I do I just get told the same thing…I’m about to be homeless

  27. I’ve been in final review for over a month, going on 2 months now. The case worker I was assigned quit, then all my information was deleted instead of forwarded to a new case worker. I had to re-apply while my landlord threatened me with eviction. The new case worker I got assigned kept calling and asking about information I already submitted twice before, then when I spoke with a supervisior I was told that there was “more than enough” information there to move the case forward! My application has been conditionally approved but for some reason the finance department takes 2 months to review. I have a feeling the city is doing fraud with the relief funds why is it taking so long to receive this money????

  28. I applied Nov 9th. It still shows as under review. I have a pay by date of Jan 17th. I’m really stressed. We have no means to pay the back electric.

  29. I confused been under final review then got a email saying the extended all money and is pending for more funds .smh

  30. I have been approved and my application says that payment funding is coming from San Bernardino county but it hasn’t funded yet. How long does it take for the county to disburse funds? Is it done on a particular schedule? I have been waiting for a week now for San Bernardino to disburse the amount approved.

  31. I have AIDS and it’s not safe for me to be socializing or around anyone during this pandemic which is why I strongly practice social distancing I also haven’t been able to pay my rent since March or may I applied at housing is key as well as 211, I then received an email from housing is key saying I have to apply for the program through 211 which I have already done idk if I should do it again or not, I called the number for the 211 application and was asked for my case number and then told by the women on the other line of the call that I am on the wait list and I will be assigned a coordinator as soon as I am off the wait list but that won’t be until they get the funding she told me that san bernardino does not have the covid rental relief funding to send out to the applicants yet…..what do i do? I applied about a month or two ago

  32. I applied in January for the 211 program and I am still on the waitlist why is it taking so long and why do they only help for 15 months if I am still needing the help?

  33. I applied twice, once in December and then received email on 2/7 from rent relief program notifying landlord has initiated application. My December application could not be located so I had to reapply. Submitted second application on 2/12. Called rent relief on 2/14. Rep confirmed she had both my application & landlord, she stated I’m in pending state due to city not having any funds. I thought I was fine and safe from eviction, I received a final attempt email from rent relief on 2/27 advising me to hurry and apply as rent relief funds were still available to eligible tenants. I thought maybe automated since I had already called and received confirmation that applications received and pending. On 3/10 I’m served with unlawful detainer. Contacted landlord & they stated I was non responsive tenant. I called rental relief program everyday all day long; I chose option to hold Place in line nobody called, some days I just waited for 4 hours desperate to speak with anyone. Finally spoke to rent relief on 3/15. Rep stated applications were never linked. Rep stated if you take too long to apply or browser refreshes during app process, it can break link to reference number on rent relief app email. Rep also confirmed the rep who I spoke to on 2/12 was supposed to link the applications to avoid these situations. Our applications were linked officially on 3/15. I explained situation to landlord and asked if I could make pyments until application was processed. Landlord stated I was unresponsive and unlawful eviction shall proceed. My son has a disability and we’re going to be thrown out of our home soon due to technical issue. Had the applications been linked when I called in February, I believe we would be okay. I have nowhere to go and a judge will schedule trial for unlawful detainer within 20 days. My son already struggles to understand Typical life situations, not to mention the distant learning joke. I will have to figure out how to get him to and from school each day, while I do my best to stay calm and positive for him. Oh yea, a year ago disqualified for his disability benefits for me thinking it would be smart that while I was working, I would save 2 stimulus checks for future emergency. Employer lost business during Covid and many jobs reduced hours or lay offs once the business kept whoever on long enough to receive their ppp loan. Sb rent relief advertises eligible tenants to hurry and apply, stating assistance is still available; meanwhile the city has no funds, and no Dept to help expedite eligible tenant applications for those preparing to fight to keep their home in court.

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