Local Assistance Center Opens on Wednesday To Assist Residents Impacted by Flooding   A hotline for impacted residents is open from Monday through Friday at (909) 356-2563.Local Assistance Center Opens on Wednesday To Assist Residents Impacted by Flooding 

A hotline for impacted residents is open from Monday through Friday at (909) 356-2563.

The County is opening a Local Assistance Center on Wednesday, Sept. 21 in Yucaipa to provide resources for residents impacted by the severe flooding that struck the communities of Oak Glen, Crestline and Forest Falls.

The Local Assistance Center will be at the Yucaipa Community Center, 34900 Oak Glen Rd. in Yucaipa, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Residents will be able to learn about County and state resources that may be able to assist them in the recovery process.

For residents who are unable to attend Wednesday’s Local Assistance Center, the hotline is still available to call for resources and information. The hotline is (909) 356-2563.
Trash Dumpsters are available for impacted residents in Forest Falls adjacent to the Valley of the Falls Bridge on the southeast side and in Oak Glen at El Dorado Park, 37186 Oak Glen Rd. in Yucaipa.
The Board of Supervisors voted to approve an emergency proclamation which allows the County to request state and federal assistance to assist responding agencies in the ongoing debris flow response and recovery efforts.

Assistance may also be available for the restoration of damaged infrastructure. The County will be collecting information from residents and businesses that incurred damage as a result of the debris flow to allow state and federal agencies the opportunity to determine what assistance may be made available.

Trash dumpsters are available. No rocks, dirt or hazardous materials will be allowed (batteries, electronics, tires etc)

Remnants of Hurricane Kaye produced up to 2.4 inches of rain within an hour over the communities of Oak Glen and Forest Falls and Crestline.

At least 11 homes were destroyed or received major damage by debris flow and approximately 3,000 residents were impacted. Crews continue to evaluate the damage.

Due to a reduction in evacuation orders, residents impacted by flooding in Forest Falls, Oak Glen and Crestline are advised the Red Cross closed the shelter at Redlands East Valley High. For residents who still need shelter, please call the Red Cross for assistance:1-800-REDCROSS


  • United Way 211 – Dial 211 – Food, housing, clothing and other donated item assistance
  • American Red Cross Southern California Region (800) 733-2767 – Care and shelter needs
  • Transitional Assistance Department (877) 410-8829 – Food assistance, medical assistance, homeless assistance
  • Department of Behavioral Health (888) 743-1478 – Emotional health support, counseling services
  • Aging and Adult Programs and Services (877) 565-2020 – Senior and disabled information and assistance
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (800) 777-0133 – Driver license and identification card replacement, duplicate titles and vehicle registration


  • Land Use Services-Building Inspections (909) 387-8311 – Services for building and safety
  • CA Contractors State Licensing Board (800) 321-2752 – Consumer protection, licensed contractors
  • California Department of Insurance (800) 927-4357 – Enforcement of insurance policies


  • So Cal Edison Co (800) 655-4555 – Customer support
  • So Cal Gas Co (800) 427-2200 – Customer support


  • Animal Care and Control (800) 472-5609 – Animal assistance
  • San Bernardino Animal Shelter (800) 472-5609 – Animal assistance


  • Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector (909) 387-8308 – Tax collector
  • County Assessor’s Office (909) 387-8307 –  Property value, tax relief, birth and death certificate questions
  • State Franchise Tax Board (800) 852-5711 – Copies of state tax documents lost in the incident and education

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