A graphic of two County workmen carrying packs of bottled water in front of stacks of water and a county truck.

On June 7, the San Bernardino County Office of Emergency Services (OES) was notified of a complete failure of Daggett’s water distribution system, leading to the loss of the domestic water supply and fire hydrant services. In response, OES coordinated a multi-agency response effort involving the county Public Health (DPH), county Environmental Health Services (EHS), local fire services, county Public Works (DPW), Fleet Management, and California state agencies, and swiftly implemented an emergency water provision plan to support more than 800 affected residents.

Total Resources Deployed:

  • 2,412 gallons of water
  • 8,520 cans of Blue Can 50-year Water
  • 2,400 cans of Simpler Life 100-year Water
  • 2,328 16.9-oz bottles of water
  • ADA restroom/shower trailer
  • Combo restroom trailer
  • 2 generators

In a rapid and effective response, OES and DPH delivered approximately 12 pallets of bottled water. County Fleet Management and DPW supported logistics, deploying a generator and ADA-compliant shower and toilet facilities to the Daggett Community Service Center. The DPW crew worked to ensure full functionality for immediate public use.

The collaboration continued throughout the weekend, with all agencies maintaining a constant on-site presence to manage any additional supply needs. By Sunday afternoon, the water system was restored to operational status. Although water quality testing continued, residents were advised to follow a boil water notice as a safety measure. The boil water notice was lifted on Monday.

This successful emergency management operation highlighted the exemplary teamwork and coordination among all participating county and external agencies, ensuring the rapid restoration of critical services to the Daggett.

For more information on how to be prepared for emergencies, please visit prepare.sbcounty.gov.

Additional County Update News – June 13, 2024