caseSan Bernardino County’s Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (C.A.S.E.), District Attorney Michael Ramos and the Children’s Network are participating at a conference held by the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation from January 17 to 19, 2014.
The Southwest Conference Against Trafficking will be held at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and Conference Center in Pomona.
Anne-Michelle Ellis from San Bernardino County’s Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (C.A.S.E.) will be participating in a workshop focused primarily on the identification and assessment of victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. A discussion about the local response to trafficking in the region will also be addressed.
Conference registration and information is available at

For more information about C.A.S.E., visit their Facebook page at



2 thoughts on “County participating in conference focused on problem of trafficking, exploitation

  1. What are you doing to stop child sexual assault?
    Specifically, what are you doing to expose the San Bernardino County’s Luciferian Pedosodomite Ring?
    How many of you are part of it?
    How is it a job to take group photos, go for a walk, and hold up signs approving prostitutes?
    How much money is given to your budget? Who approves it?
    “Transparency?” Where is it? Is it just a word?

    1. Hi Cheryle, the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office investigate and prosecute child sexual assault. If you have information about a crime, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at (909) 387-8313.

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