Private outdoor gatherings of people from three households or less are now allowed in San Bernardino County and throughout the state under new guidelines announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday. Gatherings are described as social situations that bring people together from different households at the same time in a single space or place. Gatherings that include more than three households continue to be prohibited.

The following information was included in the state’s updated guidance on private outdoor gatherings:

  • Keep interactions among three households stable over time with the same people to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.
  • People who feel sick or those in high-risk groups, such as older adults and those with chronic medical conditions, should not attend private gatherings.
  • Hosts should collect the names and contact information of attendees in case contact tracing is needed later.
  • Private gatherings of no more than 3 households are permitted in a public park or other outdoor space.
  • Practice physical distancing and hand hygiene at private gatherings.
  • Masks must be worn except when eating or drinking, or taking medication or other medical needs.
  • Private gatherings should be two hours or less.
  • Singing, chanting and shouting at outdoor private gatherings are strongly discouraged, but if they take place, a mask should be worn.
  • Instrumental music is allowed at private gatherings as long as the musicians maintain 6-feet of physical distancing. Playing of wind instruments is strongly discouraged.

For more information on the state’s guidance, click here.

24 thoughts on “Private outdoor gatherings of three households now allowed throughout the county, state

  1. It’s time to lift all restrictions,I am sick of gov new some tyrantical orders. What happened to constitutional rights???? You can go to Walmart but not church?? Wtf? Hopefully voters will repeal the unlawful fire tax! And cut back your salaries!!

      1. Contrary to the standards that are placed on Christ followers but are just fine for everyone else… not even Christians are perfect that’s why we need Jesus. =)

    1. Walmart is open because they have food, clothing and other necessities. They have specific rules for social distancing and have a limit to the number of people that can come into the store at any given time.

      Everyone can attend church online, we can read the bible, we can pray at home and keep our friends and loved ones from getting sick. I have lost 2 friends to this and my sister and sister-in-law have gotten it and have lingering lung issues 5 months later! A church pastor in Maine let a wedding happen with 60 people and now 178 people have gotten Covid, 6 people that didn’t attend have died!

      1. I am so sorry for your loss. I too have experienced loss and family getting sick. It is sad that we live in such an individualistic society and so many don’t think or care about their neighbors. People need to look at how collectivistic societies have thrived during COVID-19. We are in this together.

      2. Pandemics been in this world from beginning of time, the day we were born, this damn pandemic already think covid is the only deadly virus? Look around you..we still have cancer, flu, diabetics, hiv, heart attack, skin deaeses, hunger, poverty..that all of them can cause dead..yes, we are still fighting for it, but to be controlled by fear?? No ! death is always in the corner my friend, waiting for our turn. Best weapon is turn off the medias.

  2. What’s really sad is that you County idiots think that people are really adhering to your draconian, Newsom-like policies….

  3. Go to Church online!
    Why are people so selfish during a deadly pandemic?? Work together, not against the experts! No its NOT time to lift restrictions, just look at Florida or Sweden.

  4. Can you please tell me how a production of The Last 5 years is being allowed to perform this weekend at the Legendary Theatre in Redlands this weekend. Paid audience members attending a performance with live music and singers. How is that permitted?

    1. Hi Helen, outdoor weddings are allowed as long as people can maintain social distancing and wear masks during the ceremony. Receptions are not allowed. Here is guidance from the state of California on weddings:–en.pdf If you feel someone is out of compliance you may file a complaint with Public Health here:

  5. Although I had resolved to skip Thanksgiving due to covid, my partner’s mother is now insisting on an in-person gathering. To her credit, she’s arranging for us to sit socially distanced in the backyard with no intentions of us to go inside for any reason. That said, it would be only 7 of us from 5 different households, with 4 people having no plans to quarantine in the days leading up to the event (even so far as attending prior gatherings with other households). No alcohol would be offered, and everyone plans to bring their own beverages and utensils.

    Should this gathering proceed as scheduled? And are there any recommendations to improve safety based on info provided?

  6. Since new guidelines was set up to be able to shut down San Bernardino by putting us in what is called the Southern Region. We should have been made a region by ourselves not put in with Los Angeles, this was done to make it easy for Governor to control us. We know that Los Angeles has a larger number to make sure we have a capacity of 15% ICU beds.
    I want to know what is the ICU bed capacity for San Bernardino County only. NOT ALL THE OTHER COUNTIES I DON’T LIVE IN!!!!!
    Separate us out from the other counties, put us by ourselves.

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