To support essential COVID-19 vaccination efforts, Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) has partnered with San Bernardino County to host a super vaccination site.

The clinic will be held at IEHP’s headquarters at 10801 Sixth Street in Rancho Cucamonga beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 23. Regular hours of operation will be Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The vaccination clinic is scheduled to run for approximately six months. Appointments are required and can be made at

“The county’s partnership with IEHP will result in a very visible increase in the number of vaccinations we carry out in San Bernardino County and make vaccinations much more accessible to important segments of our population,” said Curt Hagman, who serves as both Chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and Vice-Chair of the IEHP Governing Board.

“IEHP is a well-known and respected name in healthcare in our region,” Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford said. “I’m confident they will be a great partner in our efforts to get more people vaccinated in a very efficient manner.”

County and IEHP nurses will administer approximately 500 vaccines per day and plan to work up to administering 1,000 vaccines per day, based on availability. The clinic will include options to support individuals with mobility issues and an observation area to monitor for any side effects.

“Getting these vaccines to our residents is a critical element in our fight to contain COVID-19,” said Karen Hansberger M.D., IEHP’s chief medical officer, “Residents should be vaccinated as soon as they are able and we are doing all we can to make that happen. Receiving the vaccine as a community puts us one step closer to living safe and healthy lives.”

To ensure members and residents have the latest information on vaccine distribution efforts, the health plan will continue to work with Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and provide the latest information on their website,

“We’re a community-based health plan and serving our neighbors in this way is who we are,” said Jarrod McNaughton, IEHP chief executive officer. “We’re grateful to be able to support the effort by providing space and staff and hope that it can serve as a great start to the continued work we know needs to be done in our region.”


51 thoughts on “Inland Empire Health Plan Hosts County COVID-19 Vaccination Site

    1. Hi Cecile, you can sign up for notifications here and check daily for new appointments to be posted. If you need assistance with the computer in making an appointment you can call the hotline at (909) 387-3911.

  1. I need to cancel my appointment for Covid 19 Pfizer vaccination tomorrow at 12:32 pm at the Ontario Convention Center. I was offered an earlier slot today in Redlands and they will schedule me here for my second shot as well. How do I cancel?

  2. I am wondering when I can get my vaccine. I am 50 and have asthma. Please let me know. I live in San bernadino County

    1. If you work in a foster care facility, yes you are eligible. If you are a foster parent only, no. When you come to your vaccine appointment you will be asked for proof you work for a facility (license, badge, pay check, etc.) You can make an appointment on our website at

      1. I’m 41 years old insulin dependent diabetic I’m homeless and I believe I may have just had the covid I’ve never been so sick in my life and never been so fatigued in my life I want to know when I can get the vaccine and how I can get to it I’m extremely fatigued I feel like I’m going to die I’m also very dehydrated

        1. Hi Michael, we hope you feel better soon. If you need medical assistance please go to the hospital or call 9-1-1 depending on your condition. As soon as vaccine eligibility opens for people with your underlying conditions, we will make a public announcement so you can get vaccinated. Hopefully that group opens soon so you can get your shot. Take care.

  3. I am a 61 year old on Oxygen 24/7, have had 7 Strokes, 1 Heart Attack. I am Obese, I am Paralyzed on 1 side as the result of a Stroke. I am Wheelchair Dependent. I would like to know what happened when we were told that when the 65+ get Vaccinated so will those with underlying Medical Illnesses. I qualify as a Person at High Risk. If I get Covid19 it will be a Death Sentence for me.

    1. Hi Denise, the state has not yet opened eligibility for people in your age group or with your conditions, but as soon as they do we will make a public announcement. Hopefully you can be vaccinated very soon.

  4. Hello I’m a working mother of 4 kids I saw that child care providers are now eligible for the covid vaccine is my babysitter eligible to receive the covid vaccine shes 60 years old.

  5. How do I get my 17-year old granddaughter, who lives with me vaccinated? We live in Crestline

  6. Where can I access database information in regard to district specific vaccine locations/venues for vulnerable constituents and essential workers?

      1. People age 65 plus, health care workers, police and fire services, teachers and support staff and food and agricultural workers are currently eligible for vaccines. If you fall into these categories, please make an appointment online at

        1. Hello, you mention on your post taht food service workers are eligible for the vaccine. could you please confirm? I tried making an appointment and it said I was not eligible yet.
          Thank you

          1. Food service workers are eligible as of today. You can make an appointment at at one of our county sites, a local pharmacy or your physician. You can also make an appointment using the state’s new system at

  7. I made a appoint in norco for my covid vaccine but I live in San Bernardino county. I went on my turn website and it gave me the option to make a appointment in norco. Will I be turned away?

  8. I have received a doctor’s note okaying me for the vaccine because I am in the repair business and I’m frequently in numerous people’s homes throughout the week AND I look after my 81-year old grandmother.-in-law. I am 42 years old. I was told I can book an appointment anywhere and present the note.

    Please tell me where I can go and what I can do now.

    1. The state of California has indicated they will make people age 16-64 eligible for vaccination starting March 15 by their health care providers who can determine if they have severe underlying health conditions. You may want to speak to your doctor about the state’s updated criteria and if you would fall under those considerations. The County is currently only vaccinating people age 65 and older, teachers and educators, food and agricultural workers, health care workers, and emergency services professionals.

    1. Hi Carolyn, you’ll have to keep checking our site at under the appointments to see when we offer Johnson and Johnson. We have not yet received enough doses to exclusively offer that particular brand yet, but when we do, we will list it on the site.

  9. I work in the food and agriculture field of work in San Bernardino county in the city of Rancho Cucamonga. Wanted to know if there is any available appointments to get the vaccine 1st dose at your clinic. If possible if I can have an appointment on a friday latest time slot available. Thanks greatly appreciated.

    1. Our County sites offer Pfizer, but you may want to check with your local pharmacy or hospital. You can find a list of pharmacies, doctor offices and hospitals offering the vaccine at

  10. I went here for my second vaccine (April 27 2021) and faced harassment, because I did not show up with a government issued ID, since my email confirmation stated that I did not need to. I brought my vaccination card from the first time around, my cell phone that contained the emailed, as well as other documents. I went rounds for 10 minutes with the girl at the table, as she insisted I needed this ID. She, then, went and got a lady, who I assume was the manager, who always couldn’t comprehend the policy laid out in the email, as she too insisted I needed one. Apparently, they don’t understand that the issue is only proof that one works or resides in the county, otherwise, they don’t care who one is. I had means via the email, plus documentation regarding my job. However, it was the same old story, they wanted government issued ID.

    I finally relented and showed a copy of my driver’s license that I had scanned to my phone for my job. I pointed out that it was not needed as I showed it. So now she decided I could get the vaccine. I then proceeded on to the line. Within a couple of minutes, I was motioned via the probation officers on the premises, and I went over to them. Well now apparently the lady decided I wasn’t getting the vaccine. This was unbelievable and INEXCUSABLE, not to mention I was being harassed. All of this for a free vaccine that I could get anywhere. After a few more rounds, she allowed me to proceed forward in getting my vaccine.

    The most important thing here should have been assuring I was getting my second scheduled vaccine. These people have no clue here apparently. I just need to know where I can file a complaint?

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