The Animal Care Program has implemented a comprehensive range of activities at the Devore Animal Shelter to ensure the well-being of the dogs during the scorching summer months. To keep the dogs cool and comfortable, the program has taken proactive measures such as providing ample drinking water with ice. Additionally, dogs are regularly involved with cooling enrichment activities such as pools filled with water and blocks of ice where they can swim and cool off in a fun and refreshing way. The shelters also offer frozen treats to help regulate their body temperature. Evaporative coolers and water misters are utilized throughout the shelter, creating a refreshing and cool environment for the dogs. The dedication to maintaining these cooling measures demonstrates the program’s commitment to the dogs’ as well as other animals’ safety and comfort, ensuring they stay cool and protected through the hot summer season. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Devore Animal Shelter, please visit today! For information about animals available for adoption in San Bernardino County’s Big Bear and Devore shelters, please visit San Bernardino County Animal Care at to see photographs of pets awaiting adoption or call (800) 472-5609. To donate to assist animals at the shelter, visit

Additional County Update News – July 21, 2023

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