San Bernardino County is committed to reducing the number of homeless animals and unwanted litters. Starting this week, all residents in unincorporated areas and the City of Big Bear Lake can receive a $150 spay or neuter voucher for dogs and $75 for cats!

Dedicated to the vision of tackling the issue of pet overpopulation at its root, San Bernardino County and Pet OverPopulation Coalition (POPCO) are excited about this financial support to improve the affordability of spaying and neutering pets. By providing this service to pet owners, we hope to see a reduction in the number of animals entering the shelters.

Community members are invited to share this good news with their friends and family members. All eligible residents are encouraged to take advantage!

To request a voucher, call POPCO at (888) 767-2550 or email

Additional County Update News – December 8, 2023

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