About every 20 years, a large wildfire takes place in the San Bernardino County mountains.

A short documentary produced by the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District examines the recurring pattern of wildfires in the San Bernardino Mountains. Through historical context and personal narratives, this film sheds light on the challenges faced by firefighters, residents and first responders as they contend with these large fires.

The film explores the events surrounding the 2003 Grand Prix Fire and its merger with the Old Fire, resulting in widespread destruction, as well as the 1980 Panorama Fire. It underscores the importance of preparedness and defensible space in mitigating wildfire risks for residents in this disaster-prone region.

This documentary provides a look at the cyclical nature of wildfires in San Bernardino County, emphasizing the need for ongoing vigilance and community resilience in the face of this natural phenomenon.

Create a Ready! Set! Go! Wildfire Action Plan: http://sbcfire.co/wildfire

Additional County Update News – December 15, 2023

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