On Jan. 11, the Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (C.A.S.E.) and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department partnered with High Desert Church in Victorville to host a symposium aimed at raising awareness about human trafficking prevention efforts in San Bernardino County. The symposium served as a platform to educate the community about ongoing initiatives to combat human trafficking.

One highlight of the event was a powerful keynote speech delivered by Russel G. Wilson, a survivor of human trafficking and prevention advocate. His impactful insights shed light on a critical aspect of the crisis that is often overlooked – the susceptibility of men and boys to human trafficking. Wilson’s personal account provided a unique perspective, emphasizing the importance of understanding that human trafficking affects individuals irrespective of gender.

Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to engage in various workshops and trainings led by experts dedicated to providing services for those impacted by human trafficking.

These workshops offered valuable information on the complexities of human trafficking and provided insights into specific issues such as fentanyl awareness, sextortion, mental wellness, and the evolving landscape of human trafficking. The range of services available for survivors was also highlighted during these informative sessions.

For more information about C.A.S.E. and the work they are doing throughout San Bernardino County, visit C.A.S.E. – Children’s Network.

Additional County Update News – January 18, 2024

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