2022 Diversity Award winners

2023 Diversity Award winners

County Library, Regional Parks, Registrar of Voters and Preschool Services were acknowledged by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Feb. 6 for cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce that aligns with the Countywide Vision for equity.

“On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, we are very pleased to recognize our county departments for their efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization,” said San Bernardino County Chief Executive Officer Luther Snoke. “Their devotion to meeting the Countywide Vision by developing and maintaining a diverse workforce is truly commendable, and we deeply appreciate the contributions they have made to enhance our county.”

During last week’s meeting, each department was presented with an award by the Board of Supervisors and members of the county’s Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC).

The EOC is comprised of ten members who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors to monitor the county’s equal employment opportunity program and advise the board of progress made in this area. They review employment policies concerning recruitment, examination, selection and promotion, and make recommendations to department heads and administrators to improve employment practices. 

Each year, the EOC holds its annual Diversity and Inclusion Forum and recognizes county departments that have made significant strides in the areas of equity and diversity. For this year’s program, the County Library was presented with the 2022 Leading the Way Award for having a proactive and committed Department Diversity Committee (DDC), which was tasked with attending staff meetings to facilitate team-building activities that celebrated the diverse strengths and talents of library staff at all 32 branches.

In addition, the EOC praised the County Library for its 4-week leadership training program, which allowed staff to engage in public speaking activities, build conflict resolution skills and strengthen program development strategies. This led to an increase in employee retention, higher rates of internal promotion and improved staff morale.

“It’s an honor to be acknowledged for playing a critical role in advancing equity and inclusion,” said County Librarian Melanie Orosco. “We will continue to lead the way in promoting a diverse and equitable environment.”

Regional Parks was presented with the 2022 Moving Ahead Award for creating newsletters that regularly feature employee spotlights, educational flyers and videos that promote diversity, equity and inclusion. These initiatives have inspired employees to learn, understand and respect gender, ethnic and cultural diversity within the department.

“I would like to thank the Board of Supervisors and the EOC for acknowledging our efforts to cultivate a diverse workforce and environment that promotes a sense of belonging,” said Regional Parks Director Beahta Davis. “We will continue to identify opportunities that will enable us to make additional improvements.” 

The Registrar of Voters was recognized with the 2023 Leading the Way Award for creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce by modifying the education requirement for election positions in the department, which resulted in an increase in the department’s diversity.

In addition, EOC lauded the department’s DDC for being active and keeping staff informed in matters related to diversity and inclusion, especially given the varying number of temporary and recurrent staff in the department. The department demonstrated innovation by creating a Junior DDC, which ensured that temporary and recurrent staff could participate in diversity and inclusion activities.

“It’s truly an honor to receive this recognition from the Board of Supervisors and the EOC,” said Registrar of Voters Stephenie Shea. “We will continue to implement programs and policies that promote fair and equitable outcomes for all.”

Finally, Preschool Services was given the 2023 Moving Ahead Award for not only continuing their DDC efforts and activities throughout the pandemic, but also increasing the number of active members in their DDC.

In addition, EOC commended Preschool Services for distributing a staff feedback survey to identify diversity trends, issues and challenges within the department to be able to proactively address any concerns and opportunities for continued growth.

“We are excited to receive this award and would like to thank the Board of Supervisors and the EOC for their dedication and advocacy on behalf of San Bernardino County and the communities we serve,” said Preschool Services Director Jacquelyn Greene. “We look forward to continuing to make significant progress in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

For more information about the Equal Opportunity Commission, please visit https://hr.sbcounty.gov/equal-opportunity-commission/.

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