National Family Development Credential course graduates Jessica Caldera-Flores, Ryandra Koshiro, Sandy Reyes, Georgina Diaz

Parent and Family Community Engagement (PFCE) is an integral unit within the Preschool Services Department (PSD) that fosters a collaborative environment, educating parents on child development and facilitating effective communication. The PFCE program promotes parental involvement and smooth transitions for families. The newly established PFCE program manager position enhances support and efficiency, focusing on children’s well-being and community empowerment. This restructuring results in improved parent and family outreach and the encouragement of economic family goals. The PSD program generalists support families through an apprentice program and workshops on health and financial literacy. The National Family Development Credential (FDC) and enrollment in the high school diploma program empower parents for departmental positions. These programs significantly contribute to improving the lives of the families served by PSD.

The FDC program is a structured professional development initiative that entails a six-month collaboration with PSD program supervisors, program specialists and generalists. Participants actively engage in teaching and mentoring activities to enhance their skills in family support resulting in a credential with college credit which increases their employability. In the current program year, five participants successfully completed the FDC program. Notably, two of them have already been hired within PSD and the remaining participants are presently in the hiring process. Due to the program’s success, there is a growing demand, with parents already on the waiting list for the next iteration scheduled to commence in March 2024.

The FDC program exemplifies PSD’s commitment to equipping individuals with specialized skills for effective family engagement, while providing a tangible pathway to employment within the organization. Jessica Caldera Flores, a graduate of the program, expressed, “What benefited me from doing the apprentice class to become a generalist is that my whole life changed for the better. I am finally able to get on my feet and give my kids what they deserve.”

PSD also offers a high school diploma program for parents, aiming to empower participants with educational opportunities. Recognizing the high school diploma as a vital credential for personal growth, improved job prospects and active engagement in their children’s education, this initiative aligns with PSD’s commitment to comprehensive family development and community enrichment. Currently, six parents are enrolled in the program.

Preschool Services’ PFCE actively connects interested parents with the San Bernardino County Library, the host for the prerequisite class and online high school diploma program. Paula Kelly (Mestas), a student in the program, struggled with time management while juggling her children’s school and home schedule. Paula completed the program in two years and now has the tools and resources to advance her future career ambitions. “Be focused, do not give up, and be consistent because your children are looking up to you,” said Paula.

The initiatives led by PSD highlight a dedicated commitment to comprehensive family development. From promoting effective communication to offering transformative programs like the FDC and the high school diploma initiative, PSD actively empowers parents and families. PSD’s unwavering dedication continues to position itself as a catalyst for positive change within the community.

For more information about our programs, call 1-888-KIDS-025. You can also visit for information regarding programs, locations of sites in your community or to start the process of enrollment by using our electronic interest form. The initiatives led by PSD highlight the commitment by the Board of Supervisors to achieve the Countywide Vision of education in the county and creating quality of life for residents.

Additional County Update News – February 15, 2024

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