In the face of a relentlessly wet February, San Bernardino County has weathered the recent storms with resilience thanks to the proactive planning and preparedness efforts of county residents, San Bernardino County Public Works, the Office of Emergency Services and partner public agencies.

County Public Works worked throughout the holiday weekend with pre-positioned crews and equipment to remove debris, vegetation and sediment from basins, channels and storm drains to ensure facilities operate at full capacity, significantly reducing the risk of localized flooding.

The National Weather Service is forecasting rain and snow for early next week. The county has a multi-agency team that continues to closely monitor the area and will respond accordingly with public warnings. Public Works is always ready to start clean-up immediately after storms to keep channels clear and implement mitigation measures such as K-rail to help deflect mud flows around properties. Public Works also uses a network of cameras to remotely monitor key areas. Crews are on-site during storms.

Crews from the San Bernardino County Flood Control District, often with assistance from county Code Enforcement and the Sheriff’s Homeless Outreach and Proactive Enforcement (HOPE) team, survey flood control facilities such as bridges and channels throughout the county to relocate unhoused members of our community to safer areas. The district warns and stresses to the unhoused community of the potential for flash flooding within channels, basins and flood control levee roads. District crews also survey the facilities for large debris that may block storm drains or inlets causing potential flooding.

County first responders remain on alert – and residents should, too. The county provides the latest weather and safety information across its social media platforms in English and Spanish. Visit for additional information.

Please be aware that county Public Works snowplow crews work overtime when snow is present to service all of the more than 500 miles of county-maintained roads in the mountain communities. The county asks for your patience as crews work diligently to clear the snow and make the roads safe for travel. Safety is a top priority and crews are committed to reaching all neighborhoods as quickly as possible.

Additional County Update News – February 22, 2024

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