Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector Ensen Mason is pleased to present another riveting story of the many great county residents that have served in his position since 1853.

Hiram Dell Sibley was born on August 1, 1863, and was a native of Racine, Ohio. At his birth, his father, Benjamin, was 27 and his mother, Frances, was 20. Later in life, Sibley had one son and one daughter with Jennie Cox Turton.

He served as county treasurer for 13 years between 1902-1915 before resigning to join the law firm of Barnum & Flagg, Co. as a partner. He maintained an interest in the business until his death. Sibley died on December 17, 1945 at the age of 82, while at Loma Linda hospital after an illness of several years.

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