San Bernardino County’s Office of Emergency Services along with other county departments and local jurisdictions recently co-hosted a preliminary damage assessment tour with federal and state partners to determine the extent of loss the county sustained as a result of Tropical Storm Hilary. 

The tour included stops at some of the most impacted areas including Calico, Forest Falls, Morongo Basin, Oak Glen, Phelan, Wrightwood and Yucaipa.

“I’m so glad our federal and state partners were able to join us for a tour to view our region’s most hardest hit areas,” said Deputy Executive Officer Daniel Munoz. “Initial damage estimates provided by reporting agencies includes upwards of approximately $26 million dollars in potential impacts and damages from the storm.”

Following a major natural disaster, a preliminary damage assessment is facilitated to collect preliminary estimates of damage to public infrastructure and private property. These estimates are used to determine if there is sufficient damage to qualify for state and federal funding assistance.

During last week’s tour, county and local officials highlighted damages to bridges, roads, infrastructure, water basins and more. The information collected during the tour will be taken into consideration by federal and state entities. Once the request for assistance has been reviewed, the county will be notified with results. 

“We are grateful to our federal and state partners for giving us an opportunity to share our concerns with them,” said Munoz. “We look forward to the results of our tour.”  

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Additional County Update News – September 8, 2023

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