Registrar of Voters Stephanie Shea stands next to the newly unveiled BallotMobile.

Voter education is coming to your hometown!

The San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters (ROV) this week held an event to debut its first-ever traveling voter education vehicle: The BallotMobile. Registrar of Voters Stephenie Shea unveiled the BallotMobile in front of the ROV office in San Bernardino and talked about the importance of voter education efforts throughout the county.

In advance of the Presidential Primary Election on March 5, the BallotMobile will visit all 24 cities and towns in the county and additional unincorporated communities to share voter education information with local residents in a pop-up format. The stops will also feature an interactive, Instagram-ready backdrop, giveaways, and a traveling ceremonial “golden ballot.”

“For the first time, the Registrar of Voters will be taking our voter education messages, very literally, on-the-road,” said Shea. “We see the BallotMobile as a fun, interactive way for us to educate our residents about the 2024 Presidential Primary Election throughout the incredible landscape and communities of San Bernardino County.”

The BallotMobile’s journey starts on Friday, Jan. 5, in the City of Needles and culminates on Primary Election Day on March 5, at the San Bernardino County ROV headquarters, where a special ballot will be ceremonially cast. The two-month journey will play an important role in educating the county’s 1.17 million registered voters about new and important information regarding the election.

BallotMobile resources include informing voters on the earlier 2024 Presidential Primary Election date, how to register to vote, how to check personalized voter information, the four ways to vote in San Bernardino County, and Primary Election-specific topics, such as crossover voting. 

The BallotMobile will deliver a two- to three-hour pop-up experience at local events and well-known locations throughout the county. To learn more, visit

Additional County Update News – November 17, 2023

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