Join the San Bernardino County Library (SBCL) system as we offer an exciting circulation incentive during the entire month of December.

Throughout the month, all 32 branch libraries will be offering a wintry-themed tote bag when customers check out 30 items. Select from two different designs or collect them all! These bags are great for holding library books, carrying gifts to a loved one’s home, or delivering a special meal for a family get-together. Bags are available while supplies last.

In support of the Countywide Vision’s Vision2Read literacy campaign as well as San Bernardino County’s newest Opportunity Campaign, this program will help to improve literacy with the help of incentives, by inspiring an excitement to read, providing achievement goals, and encouraging a reading routine.

The SBCL system is a dynamic network of 32 branch libraries that serve a diverse population over a vast geographic area. The County library system strives to provide equal access to information, technology, programs, and services for all people who call San Bernardino County home.

The library plays a key role in the achievement of the Countywide Vision by contributing to educational, cultural, and historical development of our County community. In addition, the library continues to thank the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors for their support of literacy and libraries. For more information on the SBCL system, please visit or call (909) 387-2220.

Additional County Update News – December 1, 2023

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