San Bernardino County Public Works is proud to announce the completion of the Birch Creek Bridge in Oak Glen.

The El Dorado fire that hit the Oak Glen, Yucaipa, and Forest Falls areas hard in September 2020, left the area vulnerable to mudflows. The bridge was heavily damaged by mudflows and large boulders that came down from the burn scar during Tropical Storm Hilary in mid-August. San Bernardino County leadership, County Public Works, and our partner agencies worked together to provide a quick, high-quality, long-term solution to repair the bridge for residents, business owners, and the public, who come up to enjoy the scenic area.

The Public Works engineering team put together a quick project to replace the destroyed 12×6-foot box culvert bridge crossing with two larger 10×10-foot pre-cast boxes. These new boxes provide a tremendous increase in the ability of water and debris to pass under the roadway.  The project started in mid-September and was opened before Thanksgiving, taking less than two months to complete.

Public Works continues to work in the burn-scar areas, clearing channels and installing mitigation measures such as K-rail to prepare for the upcoming winter season. Public Works also has storm cameras in place to monitor the areas remotely and have prepositioned barricades and heavy equipment to quickly close roads and begin clean-up work as soon as a storm has ended.

This emergency project demonstrates the commitment the County has to disaster response and preparedness. The county is always committed to public safety and supporting the residents in our communities.

Additional County Update News – December 1, 2023

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