Over the last decade, the San Bernardino County Code Enforcement team has organized multiple annual Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) events in collaboration with various agencies focused on off-road and trespass enforcement. This proactive initiative aims to address the escalating concerns surrounding unlawful OHV activities near flood control channels and safeguard the habitat of endangered plants and wildlife in these areas.
On Sunday, Feb. 18, coinciding with the Presidents’ Day weekend, a team including the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the Colton Police Department, the San Bernardino Police Department, California Highway Patrol (CHP), California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CA F&W), San Bernardino County Regional Parks and Riverside County Regional Parks, participated in a strategic off-road enforcement operation spanning Lytle/Cajon Creek, Devils Canyon, Santa Ana River and adjacent neighborhoods.
During this operation, the San Bernardino County Code Enforcement Division issued two misdemeanor citations and engaged in four educational interactions addressing trespassing in restricted areas. Sheriff’s deputies issued two misdemeanor citations for failure to yield and conducted five educational contacts. CA F&W officers issued three infraction citations, while CHP officers issued one misdemeanor citation. Riverside County Regional Parks rangers issued three warnings.
The event concluded without any injuries or damage to equipment, and no citizen complaints were registered. One arrest was made, and a single off-highway vehicle was impounded by the CHP. Additionally, Riverside County Regional Parks, in collaboration with Sheriff’s Auxiliary officers, successfully recovered a stolen vehicle.
The unified presence of these local agencies has proven instrumental in safeguarding both affected neighborhoods and environmentally sensitive lands. These concerted efforts aim to serve as a deterrent, discouraging any future instances of illegal OHV activity.

Additional County Update News – February 29, 2024