Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector (ATC) Ensen Mason is pleased to present another riveting story of the many great county residents that have served in his position since 1853.

Hardin Yager was born in Washington County, Kentucky on April 14, 1818. He married Adeline Downey on Aug. 31, 1845, and they had nine children. In 1849, the Yager family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and then relocated to San Bernardino in June 1854. Yager was a farmer and freighter before entering public office.

Yager served as both first and second district supervisor in San Bernardino County during the county’s early history and was one of the longest-serving county treasurers. He served as county supervisor from 1859 to 1861 and then again in 1864. He vacated the seat to serve as county treasurer from 1865 to 1889.

Yager died from a drowning accident on Feb. 3, 1889, and was buried in the San Bernardino Pioneer Memorial Cemetery.

Additional County Update News – February 29, 2024

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