The Opioid Data Analytics and Surveillance for Harm Reduction (ODASH) is a tool designed to provide insights into the opioid crisis in San Bernardino County. This platform offers a visual representation of critical data, including overdose rates, geographic and demographic trends. The ODASH serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, policymakers, public health officials and many others in their collective efforts to combat this pressing public health issue.

Drawing from multiple local data sets, it paints a detailed picture of the overdose crisis by highlighting geographical patterns. By refining surveillance capacities and embedding localized and targeted health education, it sets a precedent in proactive harm reduction strategies to decrease opioid-related fatalities.

Alongside collaborative initiatives with the Department of Behavioral Health and the Sheriff’s Department, Public Health’s ODASH represents a key component of the county’s multifaceted strategy to raise awareness of opioid overuse.

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Additional County Update News – February 29, 2024

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