A graphic with a man wearing a red hat and yellow jacket holding a dog embracing it.

Pets are part of the family, so during an emergency it is crucial to consider their needs and safety. For National Pet Preparedness Month, take a moment to prepare for your pet during an emergency or disaster.

Throughout the month of June, Animal Care, the Office of Emergency Services, Public Health and the Preparedness and Response Program will be collaborating to bring you important pet preparedness tips every week.

Our goal is to ensure that by the end of this month, you can have peace of mind knowing that your whole family is ready for any emergency.

Stay prepared and keep your furry family member safe!

  • Week 1: Ready Kits
  • Week 2: Pet Safety
  • Week 3: Pet Evacuation
  • Week 4: Pet Identification

For more information, visit the San Bernardino County Preparedness Starts Here webpage at prepare.sbcounty.gov.

Additional County Update News – June 6, 2024

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