The San Bernardino Transitional Assistance Department (TAD) Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program successfully serviced 12,148 taxpayers, processing an impressive $22,334,905 in federal and state refunds and credits this tax season.

This year, TAD extended its reach through a combination of in-person and online tax services at 11 fixed locations and 37 mobile locations. These mobile sites included colleges, community-based organizations, housing facilities and other county departments, ensuring accessibility and convenience for residents across the county.

TAD’s innovative approach underscores its commitment to provide free income tax preparation services to eligible low-income families and individuals throughout San Bernardin County, ensuring access to the Earned Income Tax Credit and other federal and state credits. TAD was able to bridge the gap for many residents who might otherwise face challenges in accessing tax services.

The success of TAD’s efforts highlights the department’s dedication to serving the community and enhancing the financial well-being of its residents. With this achievement, TAD sets a benchmark for public service and community support.

“Saving money on preparation fees can make a substantial difference for taxpayers. We are thankful for the opportunity to assist them and proud of the positive impact the VITA program has on the community,” said TAD Director James LoCurto.

“These refunds and credits will not only benefit the individuals and families we serve but will also help stimulate the local economy.”

Additional County Update News – June 6, 2024

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