A photo of a country road with dry brush and trees and a road.

In mid-June, the Code Enforcement Fire Hazard Abatement Team will begin their annual defensible space inspections in the mountain communities of Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, Valley of Enchantment, Cedar Pines Park, Rim Forest, Twin Peaks, Green Valley Lake, Arrowbear, Fawnskin, Angelus Oaks, Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village, Wrightwood and Lytle Creek.

Landowners can proactively maintain their property free of fire hazards, create defensible space, and avoid receiving an abatement notice by:

  • Cutting weeds and grasses to a height of less than four inches
  • Pruning plants and trees to remove dead material
  • Removing dead trees and plants
  • Removing trees that are smaller than four inches in diameter and stand within 10 feet of other trees and 30 feet of a structure
  • Trimming trees to remove branches that are within six feet of the ground on trees that are more than 12 feet in height and stand within 100 feet of a structure or 10 feet of a road or driveway
  • Removing dead branches, debris and leaf litter from the ground and the roofs of structures
  • Removing pine needles greater than two inches in depth from the ground
  • Removing shrubs and plants with high flammability characteristics, such as manzanita, juniper, serviceberry, mountain whitethorn, sage, ironwood and Spanish broom, that stand within 15 feet of a structure or 10 feet of a road or driveway
  • Spacing shrubs and plants with high flammability characteristics that stand within 15 to 30 feet of a structure

Visit the Fire Hazard Abatement website here to sign up for FHA Updates and to access additional resources and important information about the program.

Additional County Update News – June 6, 2024

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