The Seven Oaks community was greatly impacted by Tropical Storm Hilary on Aug. 20, 2023. This storm brought historic amounts of rain and wind, resulting in the destruction of bridges and roads throughout the county. Seven Oaks was one of the hardest-hit areas and had large sections of roadways and bridges destroyed. San Bernardino County Public Works continues to work diligently in the area to construct emergency access as well as develop long-term repair solutions. San Bernardino County Public Works aims to assist the residents of Seven Oaks by continuing to coordinate with local and state agencies as well as utilities to help serve the impacted area.

Public Works created a dedicated website in efforts to show transparency and progress to the Seven Oaks community. The website will help keep residents informed about ongoing cleanup efforts, repairs, progress as well as updates from Caltrans, Edison and Frontier. On the website you can also find an interactive damage map, coordination and status updates, recent photos and video.

On Oct. 4, Public Works reached a milestone, completing an emergency access lane throughout the entire road length. Residents and emergency vehicles can now drive through from State Highway 38/Middle Control Road to Seven Oaks Road and back up to State Highway 38 along Glass Road. The Radford Camp Road emergency access lane has also been completed. Construction will continue to establish the river center flow and further roadway temporary improvements. As the repairs continue, there will be limited access and those traveling through the area are encouraged to proceed with caution. Public Works is working on the design plans for the permanent repairs, which will begin in the spring.

We encourage you to follow Public Works on social media for project milestones or you can visit the Seven Oaks website anytime at Seven Oaks Community Updates – San Bernardino County Storm & Flood Information.

Additional County Update News – October 13, 2023

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