San Bernardino County was awarded $2 million in the 2023-24 state budget to renovate a vital behavioral health treatment center in Victorville. This important budget request was championed by Senator Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita), who obtained this key funding despite a severe state budget deficit. Renovations to the county’s Desert Hill Crisis Residential Treatment Center will make significant improvements to the facility, ensuring that it can continue to provide high-quality mental health services to residents for years to come.

“Californians of all ages have struggled with mental health issues coming out of the pandemic,” said First District Supervisor and Vice Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Col. Paul Cook (Ret.). “It’s vital that we have quality treatment facilities to help them. This funding from Senator Wilk will help the county renovate one of our key mental health centers here in the High Desert.”

“Mental health challenges affect millions of ordinary Californians, including here in the High Desert,” said Senator Scott Wilk. “This state funding will ensure that residents across the Victor Valley have access to superb mental health treatment, especially for those suffering from the most serious conditions.”

San Bernardino County relies on crisis residential treatment facilities to provide specialized mental health care in homelike settings. These facilities treat serious mental health conditions like psychosis or help patients who may be at risk of becoming a danger to themselves or to others. These treatment centers can house up to 16 residents at a time and are frequently at capacity.

With Senator Wilk’s budget request, the county’s Desert Hill Crisis Residential Treatment Facility in Victorville will undergo extensive refurbishment. With both residents and staff on-site full-time, the appliances, cabinetry, and furnishings experience heavy wear. Since these facilities treat 100-120 people each year, the county plans to install commercial appliances that can handle much heavier use, purchase more durable furniture, repair and refurbish the kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces, and set up small storage units for residents to safely secure their possessions during their stay. The refurbishment of this treatment facility will also enable it to remain in compliance with state and federal licensing agencies. Overall, these substantial improvements will enhance the treatment center’s durability and longevity, allowing the county to continue to deliver high-quality mental health services.

Additional County Update News – October 13, 2023

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