On Friday, Jan. 19, the San Bernardino County Library welcomed actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish to the Sam J. Racadio Highland Branch Library for a special storytime, where the comedian read her children’s book “Layla the Last Black Unicorn.”

Customers arrived early to secure a spot to hear the library’s first-ever celebrity reader. In all, over 250 people gathered for the event.

Library Assistant Tiarra Clipper warmed the crowd up for the storytime by singing the “Hi, Hello” song, a staple opening song for all storytimes hosted at the library. Customers then cheered as Haddish entered the children’s library to begin reading her story.

Throughout the reading, Haddish engaged the kids by asking how they thought Layla felt throughout the book. Kids and parents alike reflected on their own experiences and were able to identify times they, too, felt out of place. The theme of the book deals with identity and self-acceptance. Although being the last black unicorn makes her stand out, Layla also discovers it is among the things that make her unique and special.

After finishing the story, Haddish spent time answering questions from children in the audience. Questions ranged from what inspired her to write the book and who helped her along the way and ended with a question from a young girl wanting to know where Haddish bought her sweater adorned with unicorns.

Before posing for a big group photo, County Librarian Melanie Orosco presented Haddish with her own County Library card and explained that she could now visit all 32 branch libraries within San Bernardino County and even check out digital books when she travels for shows.

The San Bernardino County Library System is a dynamic network of 32 branch libraries that serves a diverse population over a vast geographic area. The County library system strives to provide equal access to information, technology, programs, and services for all people who call San Bernardino County home.

The library plays a key role in the achievement of the Countywide Vision, www.sbcounty.gov/vision by contributing to educational, cultural, and historical development of our County community.

For more information on the San Bernardino County Library System, please visit http://www.sbclib.org/ or call (909) 387-2220.

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