Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector (ATC) Ensen Mason is pleased to introduce a new weekly series recognizing the many great county residents that have served in his position since the founding of San Bernardino County in 1853. This is the first in a series of profiles, which aim to provide historical information about the county and its former ATC officials.

David Seely is credited as one of the primary founders of San Bernardino and served the community as a public official and businessman. He was born on October 12, 1819, in Ontario, Canada and migrated to California, arriving in San Bernardino in 1851. Seely was a captain in the Mormon wagon train that brought the church’s first settlers to the city.

When San Bernardino was designated as a county in 1853, Seely was named as one of five officials to oversee establishing its government. He was elected as the county’s first treasurer in 1853 and later served as a county supervisor from 1869 – 1873.

Additional County Update News – February 1, 2024

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