Wildfire Preparedness Week is a reminder for residents to continue to safeguard their communities. Historically, San Bernardino County has faced large, destructive wildfires approximately every 20 years, with significant events like the 2003 Grand Prix and Old Fires leaving lasting memories. Such patterns remind us that vigilance and preparedness are not optional. They are essential.

Training and Preparedness

San Bernardino County Fire and our local fire agencies are preparing for the upcoming fire season. Firefighters undergo rigorous training, simulating real-life conditions to sharpen their skills. Residents who are prepared for wildfire can significantly impact both their safety and our communities.

Key Resources and Actions

Defensible Space: One of the most effective ways to protect your home is by creating defensible space. This means clearing flammable debris and maintaining a buffer zone of at least 100 feet around your property. Such measures not only help stop the spread of wildfires but also provide a safer environment for firefighters to operate.

Emergency Notifications: Stay informed through the Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS). By signing up, you’ll receive timely notifications about upcoming evacuations and critical updates during emergencies.

Online Resources: Visit prepare.sbcounty.gov and sbcfire.org for more information on how to prepare for the height of wildfire season. These resources offer guidance on creating a defensible space, emergency planning and more.

In the face of rising wildfire risks, taking proactive steps to prepare can make all the difference. Wildfire Preparedness Week is a reminder to fortify our homes, sign up for emergency alerts, and support the efforts of firefighters.

Additional County Update News – May 9, 2024